Rockbrat Introduces You To: RONALD VAUGHAN

If anyone out there who is still yet to see the movie that chronicles the life of Rodney Bingenheimer, ‘Mayor Of the Sunset Strip’, then do it now. It captures all the sordid weirdness of the sunset strip from the 60s up until to today. Sadly, rock n roll has seen better days, not just in Hollywood, but everywhere in fact. Films like this at least attempt to preserve the characters who contributed to those halcyon days of rock n roll. Not just Rodney, but also people like Kim Fowley. Love him or hate him – there ain’t no larger than life characters in the music bizz anymore – if in fact a music bizz even exists at all. Another of the characters we are introduced to in the film is one Ronald Vaughan, a native of the South West (Houston to be precise), who relocated to LA several years ago with the intent of furthering his musical career. Ronald used to get around in silver spaceman suit and also goes under the pseudonym of Isadore Ivy. He released a CD some years back called ‘Isadore Ivy’ and it had some damn catchy tunes on it – including his tribute to Jennifer Love Hewitt and also ‘The Heather Locklear Twist’. Both real catchy. The Runaways meets Boris Karloff. In August, 2009 Ronald survived a knife attack from an assailant who had previously murdered two homeless men in one afternoon. The attacker was targeting homeless men, which was not Ronald. At the time Ronald said, “I don’t sleep on the streets of Hollywood, and don’t dress like a ‘bum’. The real reason I was attacked is not obvious. Think it was a T-shirt I wore…by a long-ago heavy metal rock band. The shirt had the logo is of a female “devil”. Many violent criminals are religious fanatics. Just setting the record straight here.”In recent years he has reinvented himself again with a proposed movie project about a flying Doberman-man called Captain Pooty. In the sanitised and generic music industry of today, Ronald brings a likeable and fresh quirk to rock n roll that is very much needed, much in the same way that Roy Wood did with Wizard all those years ago. There ain’t no more characters in rock ‘n’ roll. So go forth and discover Ron Vaughan rock n roll, unless you wanna listen to dross like Metallica and Lou Reed. More power to you Ron.  Ron is still currently still seeking a development deal to make 3D “Doberman-man” film (POOT-A-RAMA) a reality and along with Kevin K, is still seeking Jennifer Love Hewitt. Ron is still seeking a record deal and has plans to re issue the “Isadore Ivy” CD. Copies of both the CD and his DVD “Ronald Vaughan Live At Mondo Video A Go Go,Halloween 2007” can be purchased durectly from Ronald for $25 each + $5 postage. Check out his Myspace page at or email Ron at
 Here is a video of Ronald performing the Heather Locklear Twist on the Jimmy Kimmel show with dancers Go-Go Giddle and Kat.

5 thoughts on “Rockbrat Introduces You To: RONALD VAUGHAN

  1. PHENOMENAL!! This IS Ronald Vaughan himself….and I hope that some magazine,paper,or TV
    show picks up this very positive article and repeats it.

    My thanks to all who saw me on the big screen with MAYOR OF THE SUNSET STRIP….limited opportunity that it was. There’s still over 400 hours of unused celebrity footage now residing in the UK vaults of Lakeshore International Pictures. The movie could be re-cut and expanded.

    BTW….anybody knowing how to contact H.W. Thompson,Jr. (my real father) in Houston,let me know.Still trying to get my real original birth certificate. Very hard to do if you’re an adoptee from Texas!

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