Lifting The Lid On The Rockbrat Treasure Chest: Candy Harlots – Debut Single Flier

...memories from the late 80's

Here is a flier from mid-1989 for the debut single from Sydney’s Candy Harlots. These A4 pink fliers were pasted around the streets of the CBD and it is an interesting time piece. Maybe you have one ! There is a story behind this. I know because I designed it. Do devout fans still make fliers ? I guess, though it ain’t quite the same. With modern technology, every kid seems to know their way around Photoshop so whipping up a flier would be a sinch ! My brother and I were heavily hooked on this band. I wanted them to success. Those shows, especially in 1988 – just after Leeno Dee joined were magic. They coulda been right at home on any big stage, yet here there were – shaking the walls of tiny, stinking, shitty pubs like the Lansdowne in Broadway ! For only a select few, they were a great secret – or “Sydney’s Biggest Live Secret” as was once written.  I can remember making this flier like it was yesterday. The band logo I hand drew and coloured in from their gig adverts I would see in OTS mag. The stars were stickers pasted on, and the letters were those ‘rub off’ kind you could buy at newsagents. A friend of mine knew a cartoonist, whom I supplied with a band photograph. I would later enlist her skills whilst working with Melbourne’s Girl Monstar. I was very happy with her finished sketch. So with my original A4 sheet all glued down, I purchased an amount of ‘glam’ pink paper, then risked my job by keeping the phoocopier hot ! My brother and I walked around   all the record stores, including the 2nd hand ones in the city and handed these fliers out. From memory the band were playing a gig at the Sydney Cove Tavern later that evening, and I recall putting one under the wiper of Easton’s red FJ. My favorite memory from all this is when guitarist Ron Barret gave me some merch later that evening to show their thanks. He was a sweet guy. I interviewed vocalist Mark Easton some time back on Rockbrat Radio where he talks about much of this time period. Great days !!! Great memories !!! There you have it. So if you think the passion for rock n roll runs deep in my veins via this blog, clearly, the signs of rock n roll adoration were pulsating around me long before this !

4 thoughts on “Lifting The Lid On The Rockbrat Treasure Chest: Candy Harlots – Debut Single Flier

  1. Well written Mr. Rockbrat. I endorse all those sentiments, as I have many fond memories of those days. Sydney’s live scene in the mid to late 80s was on fire. Glad to be part of it.

  2. I have one of the pink flyers… and I saw them at Sydney Cove Tavern where they supported Boom Crash Opera… not sure if it was the same show you are talking about but it was definitely mid 1988.
    Good times… great memories!

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