Worst Album Art The Rockbrat’s Seen ? Jim Keays – Lucifer Street

Not sure what the story was behind this bizarre artwork from 1980. If you need a rock n roll history lesson, Jim Keays is most well-known in Australia as frontman for the Masters Apprentices. In more recent times he has done the live circuit as part of the Cotton, Keays and Morris trio, which is a fantastic live show. Like many late 60’s, early 70’s performers, Keays found himself out of the public eye during the early-mid-80’s. I can recall the Cowboy telling me he once saw Jim give a sizzling live performance in the 80’s at a record fair ! Anyway, this 7″ which I picked up a lifetime ago has artwork which I guess, only those in the know could explain. That’s Jim of course in the middle, his arms draped around a shady looking dude with beard, shades and hat – whilst his other arm is straddling a big trannie with make-up overkill. I apologize m’am, if indeed you are indeed, a female. Look a lot of puzzling album artwork, you are never going to ship gold with decisions like this. Pills, a dead bird, bizarre characters, a grinning Jim Keays….any North Balwyn residents reading this call Lucifer Street home ?

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