Rockbrat Introduces You To: Yuto Miyazawa

OK. So if you are a regular YouTube surfer and an Ozzy fan, then you’d no doubt be aware of Yuto Miyazawa. For the uninitiated, he is a ‘child prodigy’ guitarist from Tokyo who this month turns 12. His style is metal. Now, the jury is still out on whether all this child prodigy stuff is a good thing. The cynic in me thinks that in today’s era of instant success, where scheming parents can view social media as a playground they would like to ‘encourage’ (ahem) their gifted children towards, I can’t help but think that 8 years should be content to play on the swings, read a book, or trade gum cards – but hey, maybe I don’t get it. He has appeared on several US TV chat shows over the past couple of years with his Randy Rhoads custom model polka dot Flying V in tow, playing the licks to ‘Crazy Train’ note for note. Behind every child prodigy is a scheming parent who recognizes that the said prodigy is at their most bankable before they hit their teen years, so they have to milk the marketing cow for all it’s worth. Maybe his folks oughta check out Nathan Cavalieri (who Mr. Rockbrat and I saw live), who played bona fide blues and did the same US TV circuit etc as Yuto, yet ultimately grew up, and when the novelty factor goes, you are up against all the other schmucks. The kid can obviously play, but the whole child prodigy guitar thing reeks a little too much of cash grab for my liking. I smell a rat. Osbourne does not make any uncalculated moves, and I’d be surprised if Sharon Osbourne wasn’t behind this. The fact that Randy Rhoads’s music is again being dragged out further reinforces in my mind how reliant the Osbourne’s are on Rhoads’ music and legacy for Ozzy’s relevance. Watch this video clip of Yuto on the leso friendly show Ellen. Yes, his parents have put him in a CBGB shirt and yes, he nails the licks note for note, and I do tip me lid to him, for as a 9 year old to play and sing this, well, it’s pretty amazing. What I find amusing is the naive studio audience who gasp at the kids performance, failing to recognize that he IS playing a Rhoads  song which is dripping in originality and still sounds great 30 years after it’s release. This reinforces in my mind that Randy Rhoads was, and still is, head and shoulders above all the other guitar bozos in the metal genre.

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