Rockbrat Wonders: Bands Who Should Call It Quits: Status Quo

The Parfitt-Rossi Band. That's time gentlemen, please...

Well here we have the latest recommendation for band’s ‘being put out to pasture’. And this is one very tired sounding outfit – who really should’ve call it a day by now. So at great risk of being physically injured by an elderly, denim clad limey – may I suggest
Status Quo pulls up stumps and head for the pavilion, once and for all. What has given Mr Rockbrat the inspiration to put forth the once mighty Quo in this unpopular category ? Well, I was given a 4CD set recently called ‘The Best Of’, and believe me, it was anything but. It was in fact one of the worst compiled compilations albums you will ever have the misfortune to hear (i.e. a pile of shit). Some of the tracks on this thing made me cringe and I felt genuine pity that a band whom I once loved, could only offer up so many sub-standard tunes on a so-called Best Of. When a band of this calibre covers Elvis Costello’s Pump It Up or Canned Heat’s On The Road Again, well, it is a clear indication of a band sadly out of ideas. In The UK at least, Quo have become something which is akin to a national treasure, like the Queen Mum, ‘sunny’ holidays down at Bournemouth-by-sea, Chocolate Digestives or dare I say it – Cliff Richard. Now when I think Quo, It is three chords, heads down boogie – of Lancaster growling through Roadhouse Blues, of Big Fat Mama being played loudly to hungry, early 70’s rock audiences all over Europe ! THAT is Status Quo. Much like Kiss, who refuse to call it quits, Quo once embarked on an End Of The Road Tour back in 1984 ! What a shame they did not call it quits back then. But let’s call a spade a spade. It has been the Parfitt-Rossi band since Lancaster departed anyway. Quo continue to survive on their glorious past, but in my humble opinion, any man on the street could have trouble naming anything of quality which they’ve released in the past 25 years. I saw them live in 1991 and they were great. Good fun. So too in around 1998. Good fun. Grab a beer, take in the nostalgia, have a good time right. Why don’t they go out on the road and play On The Level or 12 Gold Bars back to front ? It would make more sense. Quo must be closing in on 50years right ? F&#k me dead. End it already. This album could’ve been packed with some seriously lethal, early 70’s Quo power – stuff like Roll Over Lay Down, Backwater Road etc. But tell me how stuff like All The Reasons, or Big Fata Mama gets overlooked in preference for a lame take of J Geils Band – Centrefold ? ! Or even a lightweight interpretation of Born To Be Wild ? Plod, plod, plod.  You gotta be kidding me ! The inclusion of the Beach Boys tune they did with the evil ginger wizard Mike Love, is always best forgotten and should never, under any circumstances make a best of album. The addition of a track by some UK DJ rapper called ‘Scooter’ where he samples Whatever You Want, made me cease listening and is in fact no different to that Mr Blobby children’s novelty tripe from 1994. Very, very sad. This album could’ve been so great, yet ended up sounded like a hastily thrown together K-Tel compilation catering only for the musically retarded.

5 thoughts on “Rockbrat Wonders: Bands Who Should Call It Quits: Status Quo

  1. You ignorant fool. You have no ide watch you are talking about. Quo have been a big part of my life since I was a kid and they write songs which are luvd by millions. What have you ever done ?

    1. Firstly, I would get a spell checker as ‘idea’ is spelt ‘i-d-e-a’ and ‘what’ is not ‘watch’. You get that !? Yes Quo have written tunes loved by millions, including me ! But they do not have thousands of fans screaming for them to play lame covers by the Beach Boys or J Geils Band ! I never disputed that they haven’t written some classics. I just said that this 4CD BEST OF, was a pile of shit and IS NOT an indication of how great their career WAS. Being the denim-clad Quo warrior which you are, can you seriously tell me that a cover version of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Don’t Stop’, a take on J.O.K’s Wild One, or an abysmal sampling-DJ rap-crap track (Status Quo + Scooter) are some of THE BEST work which they’ve recorded ? Give Mr Rockbrat a break ! I also stand by my comment that they are well past their use-by-date, and should retire !

      A band of this calibre, who are doing cover versions of famous tunes by the likes of the Beach Boys, Fleetwood Mac, the Stones, Steppenwolf, Canned Heat, Elvis Costello (!), The J Geils Band and a paltry take of the Wild One, is evidence of a band with no map forward. Roadhouse Blues was the best cover they ever did and it ain’t on here ! Yet they re-record Caroline and Whatever You Want ? Like shining a turd, you cannot ever freshen up these tired old classics (which I love btw). I just saw Judas Priest – another UK band of similar vintage. Comparing the two is not fair. Priest were vital, hungry and STILL they record fresh sounding material. They are indeed bowing out with their heads held high. May I suggest that the once-mighty Quo should’ve ended it on the road back in 84 – or at the very least, after opening Live Aid. Why was it that only Lancaster could see the writing on the wall ? Oh and one other thing, you can not seriously tell me that this band were EVER able to match that thunderous sound they had with the rhythm section of Coughlin and Alan Lancaster can you ? Let me answer for you. No.

      Oh and what have I ever done ? I once got booted out of a pub in southern England for jamming the jukebox with Quo tunes so you should be nice to Mr Rockbrat for that ! Alas, I have never recorded a song which was loved by many, but then again friend – I doubt you have either… where’s my Status Quid 7″ got to….

  2. I love the band but unfortunately Rossi, who i think is great but very stubborn, decided in the 80’s that he wanted to change direction and get more ‘poppy’ to keep up with the younger generation as he felt QUO would lose popularity carrying on as rockers. This is when Lancaster resigned( around ‘Margarita time’ track) because he didn’t like where Rossi wanted to take QUO as he was a pure heavy rocker.
    There has always been friction in the band and Rossi seemed to be the one that was the instigator in a lot of issues.(It was probably his influence to introduce those poppy songs on that best of album) I could’nt stand that bloody margarita time when it came out and wondered where the hell QUO were going!
    There was a documentary on QUO and from what i gathered Rossi became a little bit reclusive and keeping to himself on tour a lot.
    Recently( i think 2013) QUO had a reunion tour with all the original band and you could tell Lancaster and Coughlin were in there element and probably thought that this was the start of a great reunion! But no.
    There have been about three drummers since Coughlin and it’s only the base player who has stayed a while so why no reunite the old band?
    No Rossi again.
    Latest thing was to do acoustic tours because Rossi was tired of playing wired???
    Parfitt hated it and didn’t want to tour doing acoustic anymore and left the band recently and now unfortunately has left us. R.I.P
    That is now the end of QUO–so sad.

    1. Can they continue on without Parfitt ? I guess they already have. He was such an integral part of their sound –and indeed their legacy. Angus seems to be content in moving AC/DC forward – maybe Rossi will do the same with Quo ?

      1. Well Rossi wasn’t exactly in tears (from what I saw) at the funeral! It has come to light that the pair grew very far apart in the last few years, Being totally different characters.
        Parfitt has left an unfinished autobiography stating the truth about their relationship and his past
        so that will be a good read.
        We can’t put all the blame on Rossi but he is a strange bloke indeed and i can imagine very awkward to get on with.

        Rossi has drafted in a replacement for Parfitt, actually as soon as parfitt had the latest health scares and resigned from the band, but I think he was as well, fed up with this acoustic stuff(not his style! As he was one of the best rhythm pumpers of all time in my opinion.

        Rossi will carry on with ‘Status Quo’ heavily exclamation marked, because he is basically the last main original member left doing what he wants to do-acoustic.
        Personally having seen them a few times and even going back to ‘The end of the road tour’ in 1984,
        I would not waste money on watching a band with one main member left. playing ‘weak, folky versions of great songs.

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