What’s The Rockbrat Listening To Today ? Sour Jazz: Homage To Catatonia

 In the world of rock n roll there are some outfits who’ve existed who have ‘that’ sound. Let me explain…….it is a solid wall of sound which hits you when you hear them or see them live. The Beasts of Bourbon had it; the New Christs did too, Spencer Jones (obviously) had it, Deniz Tek had an abundance of it, when I’ve seen Cheetah Chrome live, he had it too. Lobby Lloyde most definitely had it. You get the picture ? Most of these names will remain unknown to the masses, but the masses are indeed – asses. Sour Jazz are another band who have ‘that’ power. But when you see the pedigree within their ranks, the solid wall of sound they produce makes sense. I cannot explain this in words – you need to see or hear for yourself.  So in the European summer of 2010, Cowboy Mark, Splat Action and Misters Popular and Ratboy,  blasted their way through Spain with a packed week of shows. The result is this amazing soundboard recording from the 16th June gig at Barcelona’s Sala de Apolo. Damn hard to pick one particular highlight here, but if pressed, set-opener ‘Fun Dumb Daze’ and ‘Masquerader’ – both from the glorious American Seizure album gets the nod from Mr Rockbrat, closely followed by ‘I Gotta Change’, which I recall first hearing on a comp Hiroshi The Golden Arm did some time back.  I still reckon their amazing track ‘I Live On A Street Called Rock & Roll’ shoulda made the cut, but you cannot have it all right ?! Oh and in this modern world where we find ourselves Ramone-less (no disrespect Mr Bell) their take on ‘I Wanna Live’ is about as genuine and as authentic as you’re gonna get. Two thumbs up. With band members scattered all over the globe, seeing this outfit live could be some kind of logistical challenge. Hearing them though is not.   You wanna know how cool Sour Jazz are ? Cool enough my friend to ‘give’ this album the ‘green light’ to a well-known downloading blog. Was available for a short time over the Festive Season but it would seem the rock n roll Christmas Tree has yet to be boxed up. Get it here before the Grinch has his way. You should also check out Acetate Records. Actually I am in the mood for some Sour Jazz video – below is the promo clip for ‘That’s Cool, Too’.  Always comforting to have rock n roll in safe hands…

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