Rockbrat Wonders: “NEW” KISS news from 2012

KI$$ in 2012(Gene and Paul sporting the new line of KI$$ cat wigs, specifically for men in their early 60s).Photo by Steve Marcus

In the “who really cares” department, KI$$ have some news. According to the latest news reports, “About to celebrate 40 years in rock and roll, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS are legendary veterans of the music business, and they’re “Hotter Than Hell.”  (zzzzz – Ed). Actually, hotter than ever since forming in 1973 and in no way slowing down. (nope, gotta keep that ol jewish piano a turning). They rattled off just a few of the highlights of what’s ahead at the grand opening of KISS by Monster Mini Golf on Thursday afternoon: Here is their upcoming schedule. On April 1, in full makeup, they will be back in Las Vegas arriving on the red carpet in a Monster truck to present Best Vocal Group at the 47th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena. (Gene and Paul and the imposters arriving in a Monster truck. Better hold on those wigs boys. AND presenting a ‘country music’ award. Let the circus continue!!! At the end of March, they’ll perform in New Orleans. On April 9, they’ll perform two songs on the new season of “Dancing With the Stars” on ABC. In one month, they start filming a KISS movie with Mark Johnson of the “Narnia” films producing (wonder if they will  re write Ace and Peter’s roles in the Kiss story – of course they will!) In May, Season 9 of Gene’s “Family Jewels”  (yawn) begins and a 10th renewal looks definite for filming this fall for 2013. Their nearly three-month dual headline tour with Motley Crue starts in July. (Talk about dullsville. The crud and KISS. Hope that band rider is well stocked.) This fall, they’ll host yet another of their weeklong KISS-abean cruises in the Bahamas over Halloween with thousands of fans already booked. For a band whose relevancy has long since past, $immoins and Stanley are again content to drag a once great band’s name through the mud . Again and again and again. Go buy Ace’s book and read what he has to say about this very situation. When will the catmans book be out? Time gentlemen – TIME!  (Photo by Steve Marcus).

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