Lifting The Lid On The Rockbrat Treasure Chest: Frehley’s Comet Fan Club 1986-88

Ace was back and he told you so !

Back in 1986 I joined the Frehley’s Comet Fan Club. From memory it ran for a couple of years and was ran by a guy called Erik Cram from Modesto, CA. It was always a highlight when a new issue of ‘Comet Watch’ landed in Mr Rockbrat’s letterbox ! Remember that back then, info in Ace was scarce so to be a member of his first fan club after his KISS exit was indeed something special. Easy now to join his mailing list online, but make no mistake, memories like these are irreplaceable.

5 thoughts on “Lifting The Lid On The Rockbrat Treasure Chest: Frehley’s Comet Fan Club 1986-88

  1. Ace is “Rock and Roll”. I’m not saying that just because I’m a huge fan. He is everything that a Rock Star represents. His raw unpolished style is untouchable. I wish that he wouldn’t have been so intimidated by Gene Simmons lawyers and had written all of the dirt on Kiss. I own some parts that came off of his Les Paul Jr. I’ve also met him and had photos taken with him. Ace rocks.

  2. Hey Brat! It’s cool that you kept all that! I really had a great time putting those together! I was proud to be the guy keeping people up to date. And a lot of thanks to Christian Castro for all the amazing art! It sure made it look great! My wife Suzette did a lot of help mailing and prepping the issues too.
    The best part, of course, was meeting SpaceAce himself, as well as all the other Comet members!
    Thanks for being a member, hope I helped keep you Comet-ized!
    Erik Cram

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