Classic Image From The Rockbrat Photo Collection: Mendips – 251 Menlove Avenue

"here Mr Rockbrat, you look skint, come on in for a bacon butty and cup of tea La"

Now here is a classic image taken by Mr Rockbrat, during the english summer of 1991. Known world over as the childhood home of John Lennon, 251 Menlove Avenue is still high on the list of Beatle-droids visiting Liverpool.  The National Trust, who had previously acquired Macca’s childhood home did not purchase this property, and I believe it was Yoko Ono who bought it, then handed it over to them. What a gal. I believe the public are available to visit the property nowadays, which underwent some renovation work in recent years (I would’ve restored it to its’ original design and given the ugly ‘blue plaque’ look a wide berth). Three years after Mr Rockbrat took this shot, the boys from Manchester decided to use an image of Mendips on the cover for their Live Forever single. Always said Oasis had good taste…..

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