Best Gigs The Rockbrat’s Seen ? Iron Maiden (1992)

ImageWho: Iron Maiden
When: Sydney 23 October 1992

This was Maiden’s third visit downunder (1982, 1985) and seven years was WAY too long to wait for another tour. The musical landscape had shifted a great deal since Maiden’s previous tour. Heavy Metal was still pretty much underground in Australia in 1985, though acts like Bon Jovi, would – over the next couple of years, make hard rock more listenable to mainstream teens. So as enjoyable as it was to have Iron Maiden back in Oz, there was less excitement attached to it as say in the mid-80’s when HM was definitely had an ‘us against them’ feel to it. An identity. But I digress…Sydney outfit Judge Mercy opened proceedings for this show and were – as they always were – tight and on form. They were not doing anything too dissimilar to AC/DC-worshipping acts like the Screaming Jets or Poor Boys, and although they pounded the local live circuit – never broke through, which was a shame.  Main man Andy Cichon – well respected session player and former Rosie Tatt – would later perform with Shania Twain and Billy Joel. Maiden were touring as support of their ‘Fear Of The Dark’ album, which – at the time – didn’t really do much for me. ‘Be Quick Or Be Dead’ was not a great choice for first single, but songs like the title track are now bonafide Maiden classics. Although the record went to number one in their homeland, it stalled at eleven here in Australia. Quite a feat considering the rock world was lost in a sea of Seattle grunge and stoner-type dross. It was comporting at the time (still is) to know that Maiden were around.  Vocalist Bruce Dickinson’s time in the band would soon be up – and it would be another eight years before I saw him live with Iron Maiden once again. If there was tension between him and other band members, I cannot recall seeing any that night – and he jumped around and was as classy as he always is. Overall it was a great show and with new boy Janick Gers filling Smithy’s shoes, the band were very impressive. A great gig to look back and remember fondly.

Set List:

Be Quick or Be Dead
The Number of the Beast
From Here to Eternity
Wasting Love
The Evil That Men Do
Afraid to Shoot Strangers
Fear of the Dark
The Clairvoyant
Heaven Can Wait
Run to the Hills
2 Minutes to Midnight
Iron Maiden
Hallowed Be Thy Name
The Trooper

2 thoughts on “Best Gigs The Rockbrat’s Seen ? Iron Maiden (1992)

  1. I will never forgive them for this tour. I call it the fear of Sydney and Melbourne tour where they did not play Brisbane. Shame on you Iron. At least last year they did Brisbane though as usual two big sideshows in those other 2 cities. 1982 they played Festival Hall Brisbane 1985 can’t remember but this was outrageous only two cities shame on you.

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