Guess What The Rockbrat Found On eBay ? Balmain Tigers Club Song 7″

“Here come the Tigers wearing black and gold, Stout hearted men – All fit and bold ” etc

What: Balmain Tigers Club Song
Winning Bid: $34 A
Starting Bids: $9 A
Sale Dates: 28 September 2010

Me and the Cowboy have long believed in the gospel according to the Gig Lizard, who once clued us onto the ‘footy = rock’ mindset – and how true the great man was. Yes folks, Rugby League and rock n roll once played a massive part of my life – usually watching the Saturday TV Game whilst on the beers, followed by a live gig, and then – venturing to see the once ‘greatest game of all’ at a Sydney league venue…..and if ‘Bug’ Davis was working the door at the long-demolished Manly Vale Hotel (as he did in the early 90’s) , footy and rock were indeed a glorious combination. The item we are looking at today is a vinyl 45 of the Balmain Tigers theme song, and boy does this one brings back some good memories…..memories of players like Dennis Tutty, Peter Duffy, Neil Pringle, Geoff Starling, Les Mara, Dennis Menteit….hell my memory ain’t all bad…back and gold never fold ! Well, actually, they did…at the end of the 1994 season to be precise (relocating to Parramatta and becoming the ‘Sydney’ tigers!) ….and this is a great item to make any Balmain boy cry. Sung by the M7 Team Surporters the tune was backed with (b/w) ‘The Kangaroo’s March’. Incidentally, the last great kangaroo tour was in 1994 – before Super League and all of the other modern madness. It ended right there for yours truly. But this record brings back some great memories. It is indeed, the Rugby League of the 70’s which I remember. Of Balmain shadow-boxer Laurie Nicholls, of Wednesday nights under lights at Leichhardt Oval when they play with a striped ball. Of footy cards in wax paper wrappers, when players worked for a living, and when you played for your district. Long before the big islander lads outnumbered (and outsized) the other guys in the comp, and certainly long before players sported earrings and were covered up to their necks in ink – like gangsta prison inmates….yes folks, this is the era when Rugby League was a simple man’s game….a Sydney game. A great find this one. Now where is my time machine goddamit…I’m going back to 75 or 76 right now…..and maybe – with a bit of luck, I can catch  Birdman at Balmain Town Hall for next to nix as well. Whaddya know – footy does equal rock !

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