Rockbrat Introduces You To: Destroy She Said

Melbourne’s Destroy She Said – Oz Rock’s new torch bearers – photo:

I was watching Doc Neeson the other night at a local venue shadow box. He’s in his mid-60’s but is indeed, the real rock n roll deal. Pure and simple. I turned to Cowboy Col and lamented the fact that high quality/loud Australian rock n roll will one day be a thing of the past. Kids today are not discovering no-bullshit Oz Rock like they once did and apart from bands like Black Label and a re-formed Poor, who is out there carrying the torch ? Only days after I offered that remark, I am sitting here with my foot in my mouth, listening to new Melbourne outfit Destroy She Said, and am f@#king digging it !

It only took one quick listen to their tune ‘Squirter’ to have me on board and it’s a song they should be proud of. Loud, mean and ugly – just as rock n roll should be, this is a gut-crushing loud guitar classic. They’ve released a couple of EP’s so far and are working on a full lengther. Back when we ran a zine we had a rule where we would not write about weak bands with little potential, preferring to spend time and print on bands we liked. I am reminded of that when listening to these guys. If you list AC/DC and the Rosie Tatts as ‘bands you sound like’ on your bio, you’d sure as hell wanna be able to back it up. Fortunately, Destroy She Said can, and it is a very welcome surprise to discover them.

Crunching riffs, razor sharp vocals and some very well crafted rock n roll songs. Need I say more ?  Two thumbs up….

Check out their site here

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