What’s The Rockbrat Listening To Today: Sherry Rich – Dakota Avenue

I have spent the past few days listening to this album top to bottom and am really, really digging it. It has remained on my playlist all the way from Australia to Japan – where I am penning this review. Sherry Rich has been in my ears at airports and in the skies….!!! The album kicks off with Good For You, followed by 41 Going On 17, which are flavoursome country pop at its best. Sherry’s velvet tones are what makes the tunes though. It aint often that an album quickly becomes your friend, but this is one that will. The absolute standouts on this CD are Hopeful Heart, Pandora Mink and Puzzle Heart, with the very classy Puzzle Heart my favourite song (this week at least ). Catchy as all hell, clever lyrics and that distincive and dulcet Rich voice makes this one of the best tunes she has recorded in her 20 plus year career ! You get that ! Amazing performances by the late Jay Bennet, Al Perkins , and Rick Plant make this one very fine album. It sat idle for ten odd years so we should all be thankful that Dakota Avenue , Mr Rockbrat’s album of the year, has seen light of day at all. With a new Grapes album due soon, now is a great time to discover the amazing music which this songstress has released. Why isn’t Australian radio playing  the hell out of this ? Shame on you ! Oh and in case you missed it, my album of the year !

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