Rockbrat Wonders: About Gary Glitters Lyrics

If ever a rock ‘n’ roll song’s lyrics spelt a hidden truth it’s this one from 1975 by Britain’s fallen prince of 70’s pop, Gary Glitter.

“Hey you, what you gonna do? I’ve been through it too, now  I’m back with the boys again. Ain’t no doubt that I’ve been missin’ out on someone’s kissin, you will find that I knew all the time. Now I’m playin’ with my toys  again, now I’m back with the boys  again.” Clearly, in spite of the fact that back in the early 70’s the androgony thing was all the rage, in Paul Gadd’s case, the warning bell’s should a been ringing loud and clear for all to hear. Buit wait, there’s also “Now I’m jumpin’ up my joys  again, play with my toys, makin’  the noise, again”. You get the picture. Like most of Glitter’s work, it relied on a heavy stomping drum beat, but by 75, with punk just up the road – he sounds like a parody of his former self, which is what he effectively became.  Now in his late 60’s, this sicko is bannned from trvaelling to around 20 countries and for obvious reasons, tries to maintain a low profile. He was seen around London last year sporting a new wig though, looking as ridiculous as ever.


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