Rockbrat Wonders: Are the Peter Criss-sung Kiss tunes the best in the Kiss catalogue ?

ImageI was driving aimlessly along a road the other day with a Kiss CD in the car stereo. “Plod plod plod” I thought aloud, wincing at how tunes like Shout It Out Loud and Cold Gin have aged very very badly. Many Kiss songs sound very very dated. But lo and behold, whenever a tune sung by the silver-nosed tomcat comes on – it sounds amazing ! Why ?
Criss’ gravel throat – rock n roll swagger shines through that’s why !
Baby Driver, Hard Luck Woman, Don’t You Let Me Down, Hooked On Rock And Roll, Dirty Livin’ – these are bonafide rock n roll classics which – sound far fresher – when stacked up against well-known (but weary) sounding Kiss tracks like ‘God Of Thunder, “I Love It Loud’ or Rock n Roll All Nite’. I hope to never hear that last one again. sorry, nodded off there. …and how’s about Strange Ways or the very rockin’ Mainline ? Man the cat was on fire back then…..and his delivery still pulls those songs off today.  There is a simplistic rock n roll swagger – a basic thumping rock style contained in most of the Criss sung tunes (and before any smart-ass Kiss droid leaves a comment to state that Stanley wrote some of those tunes – duh – I realise it. But Peter Criss left his claw marks n them, you see. Case in point – : as much as Kiss fans can state that Black Diamond is one of their classics – which it is – it is Peter’s vocals which indeed make the song what it is. So how long is it since you’ve heard ‘Getaway’ from Dressed To Kill ? Freaking amazing. Yes folks I am happy to give you the news that in 2012, the cat is outta the bag – cos it’s the the Peter Criss Kiss-tunes which are sounding better than ever ! Go listen for yourself if you don’t believe me.

3 thoughts on “Rockbrat Wonders: Are the Peter Criss-sung Kiss tunes the best in the Kiss catalogue ?

  1. You actually think Dirty Livin’ and Hooked on Rock n Roll are better than songs like Detroit Rock City, Rocket Ride, or Heaven’s on Fire?

    Taste is subjective and if you really believe this than I won’t question it but remember, music is very subjective and for you to believe these songs are better, well lets just say you are probably one of three people worldwide that think this.

    1. Jeff: You named two songs which support my opinion. Detroit Rock City and Heaven’s On Fire are – imo – very tired sounding. In 1984 I wore the tunes on Animalize off that record, but – as is the case with many fans who have heard a particular song a billion times, I can no longer sit through it. My angle was that – in 2012 – I would rather hear under-appreciated Peter Criss-sung/Kiss tunes like Mainline and Baby Driver – over the well-worn tunes like Detroit Rock City – the one you also mentioned. I happen to admire Criss and Frehley over all of the others nowadays, cos they are somehow more real – more genuine – than Stanley and $immons. My disenchantment with Kiss these days is well known – I have written a few articles on the subject. But that did not inspire me to write the above article. Personally, I enjoy Peter’s Kiss tunes nowadays over most of the back catalogue….

      What the the most forgettable Kiss songs ? Read my thoughts here

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