Guess What Mr Rockbrat Found On eBay ? Divinyls “Desperate” Promo Poster

What: Promo Poster for Divinyls ‘Desperate’ album
Winning Bid: $71 US
Starting Bids: $9.95 US
Sale Dates: 13 August 2012

Can you believe this debut from our very own Divinyls is three decades old ? Not just one of the best-ever debut records to come outta Australia – but one of the best slabs of loud and proud, hook-laden guitar-fuelled rock n roll that you will ever hear. Enough of the cliche’s though, if you are a clueless teenager reading this, I encourage you to find out what we downunder have known for a long time (at least in the Rockbrat world) – that this act were the real deal and would still blow most other band away. This amazing looking promo poster just got upped on eBay and got a good price too. Photographer Gary Heery did the iconic album sleeve and it is a treat to see an outtake from that session.

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