Rockbrat Remembers: Tim “Bucko” Buckman

I would like to pen a few words in memory of my mate Bucko, a regular contributor to the Rockbrat Blog, who passed away suddenly last Monday after a short illness. I worked with Tim, and amongst hundreds and hundreds of worker drones, he was one of those special few whom I could talk to about music. Not just music, but metal in particular. Bucko was a metal-head from way back, and I’ve lost count of the times we stood on the foot path outside the office talking about Ronnie James Dio or Randy Rhoads or Helloween or the Bengal Tigers or Mortal Sin. We spoke the same language. Didn’t need to explain to each other about certain bands either. If you are of a certain vintage, it’s just known.  Bucko was a big supporter of Australian metal, and Dungeon in particular. He was often seen out at the Basement in Belconnen. Like the Dungeon front man, Bucko also hailed from the far west of NSW, Bourke in fact. Yet like a true metal head in the early to mid 80s, he used to buy all his metal records via the post. Bucko was also a footy fan – a fan of the Wests Tigers. Again, another of the few whom I could talk with about footy or rock, without having to explain who Neil Pringle is.  But it was metal that we spoke of fondly. Bucko would travel to Sydney to see all the big bands. On Maiden’s recent tour he travelled to several cities around Australia to see them. He went to Japan last year to see Doro on tour – as he was a big Warlock and Doro fan. Bucko bought many of my metal albums over the years, and he amassed quite a sizeable and complete album collection. When I heard he was in hospital, I went to see him. We talked a lot about Cinderella, of Lemmy, and even obscure bands like ex Mott The Hoople spin off, British Lions. He was disappointed that he may not get to see the upcoming tour of Blaze Baley and Dianno, and expressed concern about having purchased tickets to see Steel Panther, yet as he was in hospital he couldn’t go. Sadly, he passed away only 3 days later. I can still ]see him standing outside the building with his Saxon tour t shirt. Bucko – you will not be forgotten mate. RIP.

One thought on “Rockbrat Remembers: Tim “Bucko” Buckman

  1. Well written tribute Col, to a person whom I never met (but I felt like I knew) – someone who loved rock n roll as much as any of us who writes or reads the Rockbrat blog. Tim left many well-written comments on this blog which displayed his great passion for music….and they will remain here as a lasting reminder of his memory….rest in peace friend…here is something I know you will like: Doro and Warlock – Fight For Rock

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