Rockbrat Wonders: Where is the objectivity in KISS Podcasts?

KISS Panda-monium

Shhhh. I have a secret. I must profess to having a KISS podcast indulgence. I’m always downloading any new Ki$$ podcast I can find. I find them entertaining. And before you say anything, I know the KISS story backwards. Yet it  astounds me that so many people are so blindly devoted to a band of podgy parodies whose relevance in 2012 is clearly negligible – and who refer to themselves to the KI$$ army. It’s pretty funny, yet these KISS geeks take it all far too seriously. Just one other point. Why is it only guys who do these KISS podcasts ? Hey, ever seen that movie, “the 40 year old virgin”? You draw your own konclusions friends. Seriously though, devotion to ANYTHING, to that level, is kinda odd. Maybe one day these cats will wake up and say, “jeez, surely there is more to life than this”. Who knows. What people dig about KI$$ is nostalgia. The fact that these guys devote all their time and energy and probably ca$h to KI$$ in 2012 strikes me as beyond obsessive. The first time around maybe. Pre internet, pre make up reformation maybe. But in 2012? The jostling for superiority amongst KI$$ fans is kinda pathetic. Particularly when they go down the line of, “How old were you when you got into KI$$”? Or, When did you first hear Destroyer” They all seem to outdo each other on these kinda questions. You have guys in their 20’s or early 30’s running these podcasts who got into KISS in 75 ? C’mon. Yes, you win, you are more of a KISS fan than the other bozo, who only got into KI$$ in 1988. Zzzzzz. Boring. I was listening to one of these shows and they were dissecting the songs of the Destroyer album. They all had their own theories about what the tune “Detroit Rock City” was all about, dreams and life and death. I mean really. What a waste of time and energy.  Who the f…k cares? KI$$ is a parody of its former self, and has long past its use by date, with imposters wearing the originals costumes, trotting out the same clichés in an era where the entertainment bar has been lowered so close to the ground that people can’t even see it. Being into KI$$ in the early to mid to late 80s was fun. It’s no longer fun. It’s just f….n funny! Which reminds me of a funny story. In 1985, Mr Rockbrat and fellow KI$$ fans were walking into a bottle shop, dressed as they were in KISS patches and t shirts. The shop attendant looked a little startled at first at the sight of these dressed-in-black delinquents entering the store. Mr Rockbrat offers him a reassuring, “It’s OK, there just KISS fans,”. To which he replied, “Is that what they are?”Funny.

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