Rockbrat Wonders: What Is The Best ACCEPT song of all time ?

So whilst much of the world is learning how to dance Gangnam Style (the Korean PSY’s video has become the most watched video in YouTube history with 434 million as well as going to Number 1 in 40 odd countries – and yes, although it features the highly rootable Hyuna, on this day, Cowboy Col has been listened to one of Germany’s finest of all metal bands – Accept. How can anyone not dig Accept? In fact, if I was going to explain to someone who had never heard classic metal – I’d probably play them an Accept tune. Often seen as the little cousin to Germany’s premier metal band the Scorpions, Accept plied a hammer and nail style of metal that reeked of originality and should have seen them have greater success than what they did. But how to single out a favourite tune ?  ‘Fast As A Shark’ was a good one, and the anthemic ‘Balls To The Wall” was first class metal. Mr. Rockbrat used to play the ‘Russian Roulette” album over and over, so tunes like ‘TV War and ‘Monster Man’ are also strong contenders, as is ‘Midnight Mover’ and ‘Up To the Limit’ – but If I have to choose one Accept tune, it would be ‘Metal Heart’ the title tune off the album of the same name from 1985. Man – this song just burns, and it features one of my all time favourite metal guitar solos. The song “Metal Heart” is well known for containing the cover of two famous classical themes: Tchaikovsky’s Slavonic March (in the intro) and Beethoven’s Für Elise in the main riff and solo. The song features Accepts trademark cathedral like harmony vocals. This was the first album produced by Dieter Dierks, and was a cautious attempt to crack the lucrative American market with more accessible songcraft and emphasis on hooks and melodies. Although critically panned at the time, today Metal Heart is often considered by fans as one of the band’s best records. Here is the video for ‘Metal Heart’. Very cool.

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