What’s The Rockbrat Listening To Today ? John Lennon – Mind Games

jl Another year rolls past and we are on the eve – yet again, of the death of John Lennon. 32 years since that cowardly, chubby little troll gunned him down. Tonight, I am playing Mind Games back to back and it’s gear. So the record was poorly received by music critics back in 73 ? Like those roaches ever mattered. I think this album was recorded after he’d just split from Yoko-san and was taking a much-needed breather (ie getting on the sauce with Nilsson and Moon the Loon whilst the gorgeous May Pang clung onto his arm. I hear you brother). The title track is the most well known song of this album, but there are other tunes on here which are equally amazing such as Aisumasen (I’m Sorry), One Day (At a Time), Out the Blue and I Know (I Know). I’ve been listening to a lot of John Lennon this year. He’s like kindred spirit in many ways and although I did not think it possible (after being a long time fan), I have gained a new appreciation for him. Lennon also created the iconic cover art for Mind Games – hand cutting the photo’s of him walking away from his dominating emplo…  err wife’. Bound for Nutopia no doubt. Some years back, on the 8th December, radio stations the world over would crank Lennon and Beatles tunes all day, to reflect and remember. Sadly, as the years slip by, the hipsters at some of these stations seem unaware or unconcerned about spinning some Lennon tunes on the day he was murdered. Shame on you. I will, as I always do, be having some ales and playing my John Lennon records. How will you remember his passing ?

One thought on “What’s The Rockbrat Listening To Today ? John Lennon – Mind Games

  1. Great Post on Dr. Winston O’Boogie. Tomorrow( Saturday 8th Dec.) marks the 32nd AV of Lennon.
    I remember the day he died and everyone talking about at high school. It was like the president had died. The newspapers were covered with Lennon from the front page all the way to the back pages.
    The 13 mins of silence in Central Park I also remember.
    There won’t ever be another John Lennon. He had such an impact on music it’s so amazing.
    All those great Beatle tunes he wrote Amazing work. If the beatles didn’t break up, Can only Imagine what their next record would have sounded like;” Bits of Imagine and Plastic Ono Band, Bits of McCartney, Bits of “All Things Must Pass” and Ringo’s Classic Tune It Don’t Come Easy.

    I’m sure Tomorrow in Strawberry Fields in Central Park is something to witness on Lennon 32nd AV.
    Colourful flowers, people paying their respects and There’s always some musican playing Lennon Tunes to keep his spirit Alive for the years to come.

    Little Rickie
    7th Dec.2012

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