Rockbrat Remembers: Candy Harlots live at Gladesville- 24 years ago today!

002Over the recent holiday break I took the opportunity to continue on with the seemingly never ending task of digitalising my collection of bootleg audio cassettes. Never ending cos I never seem to finish it – but I will this year – I made it a resolution! Anyway, so in the box are bootleg cassettes. Live recordings of predominantly Sydney bands, recorded from different gigs over a period of several years.  One band whom I bootlegged about a dozen times was the Candy Harlots. For a brief moment there, (in around late 1988, early 89) their star was on the ascent, and as far as their chances of ‘making it’, they were the short priced favourite. Mr Rockbrat and I saw them a stack of times during this period. Fans of the world wide glam / metal scene dug them too, for they were creating distinctive, original heavy rock with melody aplenty. Word on the street spread like wild fire around Sydney and Melbourne and in hard rock circles, they were the name on everyone’s lips as the ones who would go to the next level. History has shown that yes, they did sign to, and release an album with Virgin Records (although this was in 92 when they’d lost all sense of their original Gary Glitter stompisms and tongue in cheek delivery and had morphed into garden variety LA style cock-rock shtick), and the Mark 2 version of the band (sans the original Mark out front) did score a support lot with AC/DC, but that was about it. For mine, they never fully capitalized on the momentum they built early on, particularly from say 6/88 to 6/89 – which really, is when they peaked. Word had it they were offered a deal with Virgin after only their first or second gig – but their astute Manager knocked it on the head with a “Wait boys, if one major label come a knocking, there’003s sure to be more to follow”. That wait was 4 years, and by then, the global glam / hair metal scene was about to change rudder and sail  into a collision course head on with Seattle. Yet anyway, I digress. One cassette I pick up is dated 6 January, 1989, and it’s from Banjos, Gladesville. I listen to it, and it’s pretty good. It sends me down memory lane. So, here is a song for you from that nite, 24 years ago! Sheesh! I have included a gig ad I also found for that gig as well. Interesting to note that the awesome Kings Cross had the support (Hi Jed), and Tommy Emmanuel was on the night before!  Let me tell you, the last two times I’ve seen him have not been in pubs, that’s for sure! The classic line up of the Candy Harlots with Barrett (RIP), De Hugar, Cardinal, Leeno and Easton were, on their day,  as good as any band I’ve seen. Listening to their set reminded me how much of a musical influence Gary Glitter was, particularly with the big thumping drum parts and the lyrical delivery. Anyway, here’s the band playing their debut single ‘Red Hot Rocket”, from Banjos, Gladesville, 24 years ago today!! I’ve also dug up a gig review for this show, which appeared in On The Street magazine, Sydney. Click on it to read it. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Rockbrat Remembers: Candy Harlots live at Gladesville- 24 years ago today!

  1. I was probable at that gig. I remember seeing many shows with Ron and it was very sad when he went. They were a great band. I bought a Kramer Baretta from Sunburst Music in Coogee and I had seen it in Marc’s hands on stage. He brought i as a backup guitar mainly. Wish I still had it!

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