What’s The Rockbrat Listening To Today ? Cheap Trick – Tonight It’s You

220px-Cheap_Trick_1985_Single_Cover_Tonight_It's_YouI had this on a vinyl single back in the day. I think it is as close to power pop perfection as you can get….and let’s face it, Cheap Trick have made a career of crafting fine pop/rock. This band have always had everything you need – satisfaction guaranteed. Cheap Trick have to be one of the most under-appreciated rock bands in history. Sure they had immense 70’s success – and more spotlight shone down on their ‘Lap of Luxury/Busted’ era, but nowadays, they are hardly mentioned. What a travesty – cos they always remain in cool-city round these parts. These past couple of weeks I have been listening to ‘Tonight It’s You’ a lot and it really is one of the most infectious tunes ever put to wax. If you’ve heard this and were not humming the chorus afterwards, then you my friend are a rock n roll mute. Robin Zander’s voice is amazing and I cannot compliment him enough. Wide range, pitch-perfect – he is waaaaay underrated. Released back in 1985 and taken off their Standing On The Edge record, this pop classic stalled at #44 on the US charts. It lives on – as does the music of Rockford’s finest sons, and is waiting to be discovered. ‘Tonight It’s You’ – an astounding track – just one of many, from one of the most consummate rock n roll bands of all time.

One thought on “What’s The Rockbrat Listening To Today ? Cheap Trick – Tonight It’s You

  1. Mr. Rockbrat. Agreed. But in the humble opinion of Cowboy Col – the most overlooked CT album is 1997’s self titled effort – and their most under rated tune of their entire career has to be ‘Carnival Game’. Superb. https://rockbrat.wordpress.com/tag/carnival-game

    If I can quote my own review from 2 years back “What a song. Not sure if this was a left over from the ‘Woke Up With A Monster’ sessions or not, but if I had to introduce someone to Cheap Trick, I’d play them this song. Memorable pop, big hooks, though provoking lyrics and a chorus that will be stuck in your head for days.”

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