Rockbrat Remembers: David Cuneo who passed away 9 January, 2013.

The late Dave Cuneo – never forgotten

I was saddened to hear about the recent passing of Worcester’s Dave Cuneo, who played with Rick Blaze in The Ballbusters for several years. I hadn’t communicated with Dave for several years, but I recall his enthusiasm / passion for his music and the Ballbusters in particular, and that thought makes me smile. Yesterday I was reading though some letters that Dave had sent me around 1999 – 2002, during the making of the two Ballbuster albums, “Manhattan Babylon’ and “Peoples Republic Of Rock n Roll”, (both of which came out on my old label, Vicious Kitten Records). Dave’s passion for his music is clearly evident in his words – and he was as optimistic about the future success of The Ballbusters as I was. No, he may not have been a household name – but he was (and still is) in the circle that I moved in. He grew up in Harvard, Mass, and graduated from the Bromfield School in 1983 playing for many years with his two brothers. He played in many venues across Boston, Worcester, as well as shows with the Ballbusters in Europe. He had star potential, and in a just world – should have had more success and due than he got. As all of those Ballbuster guys (and gals) should have. Not only was he a great guitar player who had an amazing voice, he also played drums (go listen to The Disciples CD with Kevin K and Jeff Crane), and as my friend Kevin K reminded me today, “He was a really good songwriter”. This is evidenced by songs like ‘Born To Die’, ‘Little Gypsy’, ‘That City’ or ‘Slipping Away’, the ballsy opening track on the ‘People’s Republic’ album. He released two solo albums (that I know of), “On The Streets Again” and “You’re Not Around Anymore” and both emphasise his musical talent and penchant for melody.  He created great, original rock ‘n’ roll that still sounds great today – as it will in another twenty years. Rest in peace Dave. You won’t be forgotten.

3 thoughts on “Rockbrat Remembers: David Cuneo who passed away 9 January, 2013.

  1. I see you did know he was a drummer……………..!!!!!!!!!!…………………………I should have known you would.       I always really liked “Little Gypsy”   I should cover it in restaurants and coffee houses with my solo thing.

  2. Dave Cuneo was a very talented songwriter and Multinstrumentalist. I got word from my old bandmate “Kevin K”( Road Vultures/KKB) last week about Dave’s sad passing, It was quite a shock.

    For the past few days I have been listening to his great works; ” On The Streets Again”, “Justified”, “Your Not Around Anymore” & “Too Late Tonight”. A Tribute to Dave.

    It was an honour to work with him on the 2002 release of “The Disciples” and also to play a show with him as well. Dave a really nice guy and really helpful on “The Disciples” CD. His guitar collection was amazing, he had tons of great guitars and basses. His music was great, it should have been played on the radio.

    Rest In Peace and Rock On Forever “Cardinal Cuneo”

  3. Dave was a great guy and one helluva guitarist who could channel Thunders,Steve Jones and Keith Richards( pre-1973) without batting an eyelash!I had the honor of playing in The Ballbusters with him in 2002-2003 (Dave and Jeff Crane together on guitars – incredible)
    Dave was thoughtful,kind,and had the greatest hair in Worcester rock and roll!

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