Best Gigs The Rockbrat’s Seen ? TMG – Selinas, Sydney, 7 April, 1990

Get Flared Concert Ad 7 4 90In 1990 (in Sydney at least), there was a revival of sorts, of some of Australia’s seventies bands, including JPY, TMG, William Shakespeare etc. Looking back, I think this in part was due to a couple of things.  One was the prevalence of cover bands like Bjorn Again and the start of the whole Abba revival, and second, was due in part to Sydney DJ Maynard F# Crabbes, a radio presenter on JJJ. Maynard’s shtick was being into things that were decidedly uncool, or ‘daggy’, to coin the apt phrase. Dressed like an archetypal nerd, he even called himself the ‘King Of Dag’. Anything daggy was cool right? So of course, some Aussie rock bands of the 70’s fell neatly under his dag radar, more so due to their fashion sense than anything else no doubt.  So Maynard built up quite a profile for himself, and used to DJ and host dance parties etc. One such event he MC’d was a night at Sydney’s Coogee Bay Hotel (one of my least favourite venues) called ‘Get Flared”. (Didn’t Hush have a jingle tune of this name, for Colonial Jeans in the early 70’s? Hang on, where my Skylab helmet? Some of my ants have escaped.) Being a devotee of Aussie rock and Ted fans, Mr. Rockbrat and I went along show some respect, the sole reason to see TMG. Armed with my trusty tape recorder, I bootlegged TMG’s 30 minute set, which included a great version of ‘Naturally’ and a surprising version of Fogerty’s ‘Rockin’ All Over The World’. Was Gary Dixon there ? Did he play in any of these reunion shows ?  Most of the other acts were fairly lacklustre, although JPY was pretty good from memory. JPY’s big revival would come two years later due to “Love Is in the Air”, being the theme song for the film Strictly Ballroom, and the massive amount of exposure generated as a result. He got a second throw of the dice. It was only a few short years before this that he was singing theme songs to Australia’s Wonderland theme park. (Have you still got that Rockbrat?) I recall seeing him  one forgetful occasion in 1988 at North Sydney’s late night meat market pick up den, Sheila’s, with several single, leathery old bags on the prowl for drunken romance. Anyway, I digress. The other acts ? I can’t really recall. I think that Bjorn Again headlined the event. I’m pretty sure that poor old William Shakespeare, may he rest in peace, was happy just to be up there singing his two god awful hits, and thankfully he didn’t disgrace himself by dressing up like a purple sequined lizard-like Liberace as  he did in the early 70s. I also recall seeing an old TMG fan in the crowd wearing a satin TMG concert jacket, chatting with Herm Kovac. The other clear memory I have of the Get Flared night was seeing a very awkward looking Bumble Bee donning a full length, blond wig. FMD – sexual orientation issues anyone? With those cherubic cheeks, and looking very much like a pint sized Agnetha in drag, I’d prefer to recollect the only highlight of the night, TMG’s rockin’ 30 minutes set. Attached is an audio clip of the TMG, performing ‘Naturally’, live at Selinas, on the 7th of April, 1990. Never been heard anywhere. From the Rockbrat archives. Enjoy!  Listen here  



4 thoughts on “Best Gigs The Rockbrat’s Seen ? TMG – Selinas, Sydney, 7 April, 1990

  1. TMG should be in the ARIA Hall of Fame! Can Rockbrat & Cowboy Col do something about this? This should have happened ‘Naturally!’ We said ten times we love ya! but that hasn’t satisified ARIA!!!

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