Rockbrat News Flash: Doc Neeson illness – Get Well Soon

Last week, Doc Neeson was admitted to hospital after being diagnosed with a brain tumour. It goes without saying that we love Doc and the Angels immensely and this news saddened us greatly. Doc had fallen on hard time in recent years, virtually ignored by the mainstream media – and was often playing smaller venues to pay the bills. It is indeed sad that it took the tragic news of his cancer battle for some people to recognize his importance to Australian rock music – and to appreciate his achievements. I have gone on record before as saying he is an icon and should be treated as rock royalty within Australia. A true rock n roll legend, in a time when the term ‘legend’ is overused. I have fond memories of many Angels gigs over the years and aim for many more. On behalf of my brother and all of the Rockbrat Blog subscribers and readers, we hope Doc finds the strength to fight and win his battle – and we look forward to seeing him on a stage in the very near future. Get well soon friend.

One thought on “Rockbrat News Flash: Doc Neeson illness – Get Well Soon

  1. Sad sad news.

    Some of the best rock records and gigs of the 70’s and 80’s.

    I agree with Rock Brat- Doc should be treated as royalty. A fantastic front man and wonderful lyrics in every Angels song.

    Bad timing for The Angels 100% having all but secured the Guns n Roses tour support.

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