What’s The Rockbrat Listening To Today ? SEDUCE – Seduce LP (1985)

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Three piece metal band Seduce essentially had their Warhol moment in around 89, after being included in Penelope Spheeris’ ‘Decline Of The Western Civilisation part 2’ film. (I must watch this again). For a while there though, in 1985/86 to be exact, there were a few whispers that Seduce could move out of the B grade and into the top level. Well, as history will attest, that obviously didn’t happen, but they did leave two metal albums which I’ve only recently been dusting off, including this, their self-titled effort from 1985. For disaffected youth in suburbia, I could sure relate to this kind of stuff back then, but now, through the objective eyes of an adult and not an adolescent, I can critique it a bit more accurately. As Mr. Rockbrat will attest, 1984-1987 were probably my fondest metal years, 85 in particular being a good one. Metal was metal, not the watered down version it became as a result of Bon Jovi going global. It just wasn’t the major league metal bands we dug in 85, it was the lesser known ones too. For 5 bucks you could trawl through the sales bins of Utopia or Impact and find an album by Exciter or Znowhite, Armoured Saint, Black ‘n’ Blue or even Melbourne’s own Axatak. There was no internet, no app you could download to tell you what metal album to buy. You relied on a review you’d seen in Circus or Kerrang or even Canada’s Metallion Magazine. We were dedicated and devoted headbangers. Metal was a tonic that gave me an identity away from all the wax head jerk offs. If you weren’t there, it’s pretty easy to look back now at bands like Seduce and scoff and scratch your head. But for me back then – guys like this were like characters in a comic book, escape from reality etc. The outrageous dress and hair was a way of life, and you could always identify the kind of rock n roll some geezer was into by how he looked. Anyway, I’ve digressed again. That’s right, 1985 and shock rock was BIG. As a KI$$ fan, Mr Rockbrat was heavily into many of the painted, theatrical rockers, including Twisted Sister, W.A.S.P, mid 80’s Coop and also second stingers like Lizzy Borden. My point is Seduce had an identifiable shock rock / metal look. Old headbangers from Detroit would look back fondly on favourite sons Seduce. The passing of time has a tendency to allow nostalgia to creep into the consciousness. In all reality though, when listening to this EP in 2013, you can see why Seduce never broke through to the A league. They just didn’t have enough catchy material. Much of the material is derivative of the rest, and the songs are just all too familiar and lacking originality. That’s not say that this EP from 1985 is not without its moments. Of the 8 songs here, ‘Face To Face’ is the best of the bunch, due mainly to the catchy riff and melodic lead intro. The overall sound is close to melodic thrash metal. Good examples of this are the opener ‘Viper’s Bite’. ‘Love To Hate’ has more of a groove to it, and some nice lead guitar, and is also another good tune, though the chorus is a tad weak. ‘Streets’ is more in your face metal, ‘eavy duty riffing – but like most of the songs here, is let down by a fairly weak, generic vocal. ‘Chopping Block’ is one of the high points of the EP, pure unadultered shock rock. Love it. Thematic lyrics, crunching riff, a lot to like. Saxon penned an ode to the denim and leather clad brethren back in 81, Metallica followed that up with ‘Whiplash’, and Seduce also have a tune for the genre of fan I fell into known as ‘Headbangers’. How can you not like a tune with a chorus that screams, “Headbangers Rule” and “Get Your fist in the air’. Right on, it rules. Kids don’t say something ‘rules’ anymore do they. Crank this sucker up! Incidentally, the exposure they garnered from being in the second ‘Decline’ movie was good for them. It resulted in pre-release orders of their second album of ‘Too Much, Ain’t Enough’ to be in excess of 25,000 before it was even released. The album – released by I. R. S. Metal got airplay on heavy metal radio Z-ROCK and they opened for Vinnie Vincent Invasion as well at this time. Even though a third album was planned they were planning on making a third album, they broke up for whatever reasons not long afterwards. Go discover the mid-eighties motor city metal of Seduce!

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