Rockbrat Wonders: About the ‘new’ Aussie Kiss Ice Blocks

kiss_iceTwo guys with dead cats on their heads re-launch an old product

Here in Australia – in the latter half of 1980, I would devour Kiss Ice Blocks at my local milk bar. Often these were consumed whilst queuing up to play Space Invaders or – the Bally Kiss Pinball. Unmasked or Dynasty were stacked in the record racks…and promoter Kevin Jacobsen was about to bring the masked ones here for a tour.Yes folks, things were indeed kissterical back then. You could even buy Kiss Ice Blocks. Over the years – this rare Australian Kiss item (official Aucoin) has long been sought after by Kiss collectors, shelling out big money for an old wrapper or two.

In a bizarre marketing move – 33 years after the final box of frozen Kiss treats left the Peters warehouse – they are about to be sold again. In the Press Release today – Peters’ Alicia Munday states “The original KISS ice block was such a hit when it first launched that we knew we had to bring it back at some stage. When KISS announced that they were starting their global KISS ‘Monster’ tour in Australia, we knew we had to make it happen.”

Which makes Mr Rockbrat ask the bleeding obvious : Why wouldn’t you do it back in 1997 for the re-union tour ? Kudos to Stanley and Simmons for not re-editing the packaging and keeping the Fox on the box ! (in the launch video at least !)

wpid-2013-02-06-07.52.31.jpgAlthough my youthful looks have held – a lot has changed in Australia since 1980. Malcolm Fraser is no longer in power – although you wouldn’t know it the way he annoyingly pipes up in the media (political Rockbrat) – Lindy Chamberlain has been jailed, freed and exonerated –  and Kiss, well Kiss – keep on chasing the dollar and show no sign of retiring.

So what do they taste like ? Well this morning I headed into my local Caltex Outlet (actually a petrol station) to purchase my first Kiss Ice Block since those krazy krazy days of 1980. The teenage attendants knew nothing about it and shrugged their shoulders. I yelled ‘Kiss ice blocks ?’. Nothing. I whipped out my tongue and hummed ‘Rock n Roll All Nite’. Yep, they knew that one – Gene and Paul can always lure in the casual fans.  So I will try again tomorrow to purchase one and will give all your Kiss droids, the (ahem) ‘scoop’.


So this morning Mr Rockbrat parks his black motorcycle at the local store and moments later – was consuming a Frozen Thunderbolt ! Washing it down with a can of Monster was nearly too much to comprehend ! The $2.50 price tag is steep – compared to other water-based ice treats – but what else would you expect ? Great to see the two impostors on the packaging – signatures too ! I am yet to see a box on sale like the one which $immons and Stanley were holding to re-launch this product – so will reserve judgement on that for now. As a kola aficionado, the taste was good – but you would only be purchasing these for the packaging….