Lifting The Lid On The Rockbrat Treasure Chest: DIO CONCERT T-SHIRT, SYDNEY, 13/9/86

Whilst rummaging through the vaults today, I came across this concert t shirt I purchased at Dio’s Sydney concert at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on Saturday the 13th of September, 1986.  This was the Sacred Heart tour, and as visits to the antipodes by international metal bands in the mid 80’s were rare (save for Maiden, Twisted Sister, Motorhead and Leppard) it was a night of pure unadulterated heavy metal to be cherished.  It’s a pity that Viv Campbell was not there, but Rough Cutt’s Craig Goldie cut the mustard, though he lacked the spark/magic that Campbell brought to the band. From memory, there was aslo the obligatory guitar and drum solos – and Claude even knocked out a keybaord solo. Solos aside, it was a kick arse set, with no filler in sight. King of Rock and Roll,  Like the Beat of a Heart, Don’t Talk to Strangers, Hungry for Heaven, The Last in Line, Holy Diver, Heaven and Hell, Sacred Heart, Rock ‘n’ Roll Children, Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll,  Man on the Silver Mountain, Stand Up and Shout, Rainbow in the Dark, with encores of We Rock and  Stars. It would be 7 long years before Mr Rockbrat and I got to see Ronnie live again (at the Hammy Odeon), and thankfully we managed to witness him fronting Heaven And Hell, at The Gong. A few years back now. Hearvy metal heaven friends. I remember waking up buzzed the morning after the gig – it still ranks as one of my most cherished gigs – and here is the concert shirt from that night, 26 years ago !  Stand Up and shout!!!!






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