Rockbrat Wonders: Who Is The Most Ridiculous Looking Band In Heavy Metal? HERMAN RAREBELL

We love The Scrorps here at Rockbrat HQ – who doesnt ? In the late seventies to the mid 80s they were one of the Top 10 metal bands on the planet. They created a distinct sound that was so identifiable, twin guitar attack, and Klaus Meine’s shriek – no one sounded like the Scorps. BUT – they werent short on the heavy metal goofs that so many metal bands could have done without. The Heavy Metal heroics, with Rudolf aiming his Flying V at the crowd like it’s a machine gun ( I think Tufnel did this in Spinal Tap too).  No metal band did stage antics and gimmicks quite like these guys (ie: human pyramid), but their fashion also set em apart. With his yellow and black spandex, Matthias Jabs could easily have stood next to Michael Sweet on stage, and Francis Buchholz also donned the sriped spandex of the day. The Scorps were a moustache band – as favoured by many German metal bands back then. Thing is, as the years have gone on – you couldnt think of Rudolf without the old crumb catcher! As for Klaus, well, he had way too much integrity to follow Kev Dubrow and place the dead animal on his bonce – and credit to him for it – though his leather cap always sat better on Halford’s head than his. Whilst all this is going on – Herman zee German is sitting at the back of the stage behind his kit obvously thinking, “if these guys can dress without the lights on in the dressing room – then so can I.” As evidenced by today’s classic photo from the mid 80s – one for the ladies. Nothing says ‘metal’ quite like a pair of tucked in shorts. It’s aint fair though to tar Herm with the ‘just a drummer’ brush, as he contributed in the song writing department of the Scorps, and was the only member of the Scorpions to have released a solo project while still a full member of the band.He also co created Monaco Records with Prince Albert of Monaco!

One thought on “Rockbrat Wonders: Who Is The Most Ridiculous Looking Band In Heavy Metal? HERMAN RAREBELL

  1. I thought ” The most ridiculous looking band” out their was Kiss… Oh you said in “Heavy Metal”…oops,,,LOL!!!!

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