Rockbrat Remembers: The Blackie Lawless sew-on back patch

the Hellion himself – Mr Lawless

Back in the day – no denim-clad headbanger’s jacket was complete without a cloth back patch. Essentially, patched up metal-heads were a gang – all unified against the popular and accepted forms of music of the day. I recall – when Blackie Lawless did his in-store at Sydney’s Utopia in late ’85 – seeing a lot of guys sporting identical Lawless back patches. Looked pretty darn cool from memory. Some other fan showed up with saw blades on his arms – that story another time. For me, it had to be Kiss – no contest. The rest of my jacket was smaller Kiss patches/buttons, so – it was a simple decision to have Gene and Paul proudly displayed on my shoulders. But those large WASP back-patches – which displayed a sinister looking – blood dripping Blackie – were something to reckon with. A distant time – when loud rock n roll mattered – and heavy metal was the law…..and if you have never heard the early WASP albums, do so. Their self-titled record from 1984 was cut loud – and when played loud – still smokes all opponents….(‘Sleeping In The Fire’ anyone ? Man, that is fiery rock n roll at its very best). Having Lawless in town – my town – was indeed the stuff of teenage heavy metal worship. He was on my walls – on my stereo – in my head big time. I idolized that cat….it ain’t often you get to meet your rock hero when still a teenager – but I did. Here’s to you Blackie Lawless – and to one of the most striking rock n roll back patches ever produced.

One thought on “Rockbrat Remembers: The Blackie Lawless sew-on back patch

  1. Hi, I was doing a google search about that day and your blog came up. I was there as well! I had my Year 12 Formal that evening at the Boulevard Hotel. So I had to rock up to Utopia in my formal outfit along with my best friend. I would have preferred to go in my Metal t-shirt but under the circumstances it was impossible as we had to head to the hotel straight after. I got to meet Blackie as well, and had him sign my “Last Command” album sleeve which I still have.

    I will never forget the moment I went up to him and while he was signing my album, I asked him if I could get a kiss from him and he said ‘Sure’ and because I had seen him pashing off some of the other girls I thought I would do the same, he then stopped kissing me &
    said “You’re going to swallow me up like a whale”. I was taken by surprise with that comment and felt very rejected by this man that I once deemed as a rock God.
    It disappointed me and I felt depressed for the rest of the night. lol.

    Oh well, I guess it was a bit funny now that I look back on that day.

    I mean how many girls can say they actually got to tongue pash Blackie Lawless?

    Thanks for the flashback.

    Cheers! \m/\m/

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