What’s The Rockbrat Listening To Today ? Stonefield and Orianthi

Girl bands, or rather – female musicians have long been on my rock n roll radar.  Punk, riot grrl, pop, metal, folk – you name it, Mr Rockbrat digs it and my taste  for she-powered pop/rock is wide and varied. L7, Bikini Kill, Joan Jett, Anne McCue,  Girl Monstar, Sherry Rich, Pandoras, Girlschool, Joni Mitchell, Melanie, Birtha,  Rock Goddess, Runaways, Eva Cassidy, Karen Carpenter, Lita Ford – the list is  endless. Hell I’ve even seen Elaine Paige live – and she was great by the way. Get  the point ? Some time back I zeroed in on the four super talented Findlay sisters,   who are collectively known as Stonefield. ‘Through The Clover’ won me over big time.  I loathe comparisons, specially with other all-girl bands, but, if Birtha were  around today – they would sound something like Stonefield. The drummer/vocalist Amy,  has strong pipes like Birtha’s Liver Favela – also a stick twirler. Their rise has  been swift since former because they have the tunes – the looks and chops are  obviously there, which is vital for the big time, but it’s the tunage which is  mesmerizing. If they don’t make it within the next eighteen months, then rock n roll  really is dead….

The guitar goddess named Orianthi hails from Adelaide and is phenomenal. She’s been  around for some time and found fame by winning the coveted lead guitar slot on what  would’ve been Michael Jackson’s final tour. Hailed by guys like Steve Vai and Carlos  Santana – her fretboard talent is immense. She digs the right kinda rock too – Dio,  Zep etc and is currently out on the road with the Coop. Show some respect.

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