What’s The Rockbrat Listening To Today ? Heavy – Various Artists (1982)

Who needed high school when we had material like this to learn from

I recently unearthed this item and man it floored me. Like being introduced to an old friend you haven’t seen in years. ‘Heavy’ was something special to me and the Cowboy. You see my rock n roll sibling owned this and we all but wore it out. Back then our rock n roll brains were sponges, eager to soak up and learn what we could. Rock knowledge was gained from print press, friends or by listening to compilation’s like this. No internet in back ’83 egg-heads, remember that. So this indeed was a vital part of our rock n roll education and we learnt a lot from it. Maiden’s Number of The Beast we knew well – but it is always a great album opener. How can anyone not dig Maiden ? Their songs still smoke most bands of today and their tunage will always sounds vital and fresh. If you skip over Iron Maiden on your  iPad or similar, you need to get into their back-catalogue. Having Purple follow them up is like switching from a 1000CC to a Vespa. At least it wasn’t Black Night. Followers of fossil-rock may disagree all they want – but this worn out plodder should be banished from hard rock compilations forever. They all came out to Montreux a freakin’ long time ago and shoulda f**kin’ stayed there.  Ditto with Sabbath’s Paranoid…finished with my woman ’cause she couldn’t help me BANG !!! Enough already. By 1982 this thing had not aged well….  god forbid how it sounds now. Sabbath with Ozzy recently toured here but it barely made the news – my how times have changed. Heaven, the Rosie Tatts and Southern Cross flew the Aussie flag and helped to point us in the right direction. Southern Cross were ex-Buffalo and it makes me wonder how a track released in 76 ended up on this thing six years later !? Mix in some Quo, Van Halen and even Bonnet-era Rainbow ! Great. Including two Crapton toons at the end really was dropping the ball on this project, but thinking back, we hovered over these style-lifters back then, quick to figure out how boring ol’ Slowhand really was. Clouds. Anyway, this is a snap shot of an album which helped ensure we stayed on the path of cool rock n roll.  10 out of 10 Mr Gold Air

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