Classic Rock Pic From The Past: BLACK SABBATH + THE BOMBERS 1989 Australian Tour

This tour was supposed to reach Australian shores in October/ November 1989 – yet it never eventuated. Why ? Lack of ticket sales? The Ansett Airline strike that also cancelled the Bangles first Oz tour at that time? Your guess is as good as mine. In 1990, the Bombers did indeed get to support both Alic Cooper and Skid Row – in 1989 they were whoite hot, and would have given the Glenn Hughes fronted Sabs a run for they money. This ad originally appeared in Hot Metal Magazine issue 8. (Click to enlarge)

3 thoughts on “Classic Rock Pic From The Past: BLACK SABBATH + THE BOMBERS 1989 Australian Tour

  1. Glenn Hughes was well out of his short stint with Black Sabbath by the time Headless Cross was released. The singer at the time was Tony Martin, this was his second album with the band, the first being The Eternal Idol. Interestingly, the original vocalist for that album (Eternal Idol) was to have been Ray Gillen, who split from Sabbath and went on to join Jake E. Lee in Badlands. And it also featured Eric Singer on the drums!

  2. It was tough to watch the musical chairs routine happening with the vocalist slot in Sabbath. Not that any of the singers were bad just that the “name” singers (outside of Dio) couldn’t be arsed to give a damn. Ian Gillen has spoken openly about his time with the Sabs and it seems like his decision to join was made in a pub after some hard drinking. He said something like “I met Tony in a pub one night and the next day woke up being in Sabbath”. And later on with Glen Hughes – he was pretty much bat s**t crazy at the time with rapid weight fluctuations or something of the sort that undermined his confidence. I can’t say if Tony Martin was any good or not – I never listened to those records. They might be solid releases. There was a time in the 80s wherein the mighty Sabbath had problems filling 3,000 seater municipal theaters. I’m glad that they’ve long since recovered from that phase. As I mentioned – Ronnie Dio did commit to the band and did an excellent job.

  3. When Glenn was in Sabbath he was out of his mind on cocaine. Don’t think he actually intended to be in Sabbath, he joined up with Tony Iommi for what was meant to be an Iommi solo project. the record label got cold feet and insisted on releasing it under the banner of “Black Sabbath Featuring Tony Iommi”. Kind of ironic, seeing as how Tony was the only original member of Sabbath in that lineup…. From that point on it was really a case of musical chairs for pretty much every position in Sabbath, they swapped singers and drummers and bass players randomly for a few years. Tony Martin was in for a few albums, then was replaced by Ronnie Dio, then was back in again when Dio left. Even Rob Halford sang with Sabbath on a couple of dates when Dio quit!

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