Rockbrat Remembers: MASSIVE APPENDAGE

I’ve written elsewhere on this blog about the great Jed Starr and the various bands he fronted, including Kings Cross, Festers, Star World etc etc – and also Massive Appendage. Search this blog for an interview with Jed for more detail. I recently found this article about Massive Appendage, which was published in Hot Metal Magazine Australia issue 8 and thought it was worthwhile re publishing. The interview/article is from 1989 and was penned by JJ Adams.  Click on the article to expand. (Jed interview here)

7 thoughts on “Rockbrat Remembers: MASSIVE APPENDAGE

  1. Bloody great band, great guys, great musicians.. sadly missed from me..Jed was the probably the best guitarist I have known from the Australian music industry.. the only other guys as good would be Mitch Perry and Bradford Kelly

  2. Haha I just remembered.. We used to play a lot of shows with them and their other band Kings Cross.. well at the Hopetoun Hotel in Surry Hills many years ago they would play MA in jeans and shit then run off to the toilets glam up and come out and play another set as KC haha fuckinf funny dudes man..

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