Rockbrat Wonders: Which Rocker Wore The Most Ridiculous Wig ? Vinnie Vincent

Vincent in 1996 – posing #9 like his life depended on it

Vinnie: Officer you must help. I’ve just lost my wig. Police officer: Certainly, ma’am, we’ll comb the area (nyuk nyuk nyuk)

When it comes to rockers sporting the latest in dead animals, we simply cannot neglect former Kisser Vinnie Vincent. Long rumoured to have worn a wig, Vinnie is seldom seen without the long erm ‘locks’ and my oh my, it’s a ripper. If he was wigged up at the time of his arrest on suspicion of assault in 2011 – why didn’t the police remove it for his mug shot ?!). Anyway, there is some video footage of him online (in his Kiss make-up no less), at an Expo from 1996 in Atlanta and it is a riot. Talk about trading on your brief place in Kisstory ! Still, there will always be a throng of Kiss-drones, eager to hang on your every word and bow at your feet. The dead black cat in this video clip does its job well and offers no unnecessary movement – unlike the wearer – who poses #9 like his life depends on it, giving the clenched-teeth/HM face like he’s got major indigestion. Pathetic – but damn hilarious.

3 thoughts on “Rockbrat Wonders: Which Rocker Wore The Most Ridiculous Wig ? Vinnie Vincent

  1. Hey Rockbrat,
    Another worthy article my friend. Well Done!! People tend to overlook the fact that many rockers wear wigs. However I think that the most “Ridiculous Wig” prize should be awarded to another Kiss member…Paul Stanley!! Mr. Eisen’s Wig’s become more bizarre with each passing tour. I don’t know what is worse when it comes to the “Star Grandpa”, his voice or his wig…but that’s another contest…LOL!! Keep on rockin’.

    1. I agree David. Kiss and their wig-wearing antics are out and out ridiculous….especially when you consider great artists like Neil Young grow old gracefully, no matter how their appearance may change. Just wait for the Kiss-replacement-extravaganza TV series – like Rockstar INXS – which will be screened one day in the future. Kiss will carry on, with a bunch of young clones filling the roles. Stanely and the greedy $immons will of course be on the judging panel. WTF didnt they just end it in 2001 ?! We’d covered Paul’s ridiculous hair-hat here

      1. Hey Rockbrat,

        Thanks for the reply. You also touched on another interesting subject. I too sincerely believe when Kiss finally hang up their wigs ( retire ), a reality show will turn up soon after, with the purpose of finding young replacements to carry on. Like an empty tube of tooth paste, Gene and Paul will squeeze the “Kiss” name for every last drop they can get out of it. However I don’t believe that it will work. Having two of the original members ( Gene and Paul ) was the only thing that kept the band going this long. Most fans viewed it as, two original members are better than none. The thought of no original members walking up on stage is past ridiculous. Who is going to pay hundreds of dollars to see a strictly tribute band, because that is what they would be. They are almost that now. I can go see any Kiss tribute band for twenty bucks!! It will be funny to watch them fall on their money belts…LOL!! I also agree with you on the fact that they should have retired in 2001, as they had promised on numerous occasions. They could have actually left with somewhat of a decent legacy, where as now they will be leaving as the biggest joke in music history. That’s why I have so much respect for Ace. They tried to get Ace to go back out on tour with them after the so called retirement, but Ace said no!! Ace said that they had told the world that they were done, so he was done. Way to go Ace!! Furthermore Ace was never fired from Kiss, from start to finish. He always left on his own. I hate it when some of the fans say that he was fired for this or that. Never happened!! As always, keep on rockin’ bro.

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