Rockbrat Remembers: When Mortal Sin Could Have Been As Big As Metallica

For a couple of years there – 89-89, a thrash metal band from Sydney’s Western Suburbs had their sights set on Metallica’s crown. Of course I’m talking about the great Mortal Sin. Their first couple of albums in paticular were fine examples of thrash metal with melody. innovation, lots of hooks, and immense appeal. In 2013, Metallica is a brand name like Coca Cola or Nike, yet I recall a time when I was backstage at Sydney’s Horden Pavillion, watching as Mortal Sin skateboarded before heading out on to the stage, opening for Metallica – who at that time were the biggest metal band in the world (pre orchestras and Lou Reed). The Mortals gave em a run for their money. In 2013, both ‘Face Of Despair’ and ‘Mayhemic Destruction’ are cemented as bonafied classics of their genre – and if you dont have them, go check them out here. Anyway, I was thumbing through a box of old rock magazines and I came across this article about Mortal Sin that appeared in the December 31, 1987 eidtion of Metal Hammer magazine from the UK. Interesting that they give Massive Appendage a plug. Surely this was one of the first international articles written about the band. I have scanned it for you. Click on it to enlarge. This one’s for you Bucko – RIP.

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