Rockbrat News Flash: KISS Steamed Meat Buns Released For Japanese Tour

kismanHeads up KISS kollectors – its again time to part with your hard earned on a new, must have, can’t live without it, KISS item.  This time ? More in the line of KISS kulinary treats – and keep em coming I say! Any self-respecting KISS family can now sit down to a complete KISS meal – complete with KISS ice blocks, KISS beer, and now – KISS dumplings. To coincide with the masked marauders tour of Japan later this month, Circle K Sunkus convenience stores are now selling “Kiss Super-Spicy Chili Tomatoman” dumplings. At only 100 yen ($1) each, what you get is a spicy, steamed meat bun complete with KISS logo emblazoned on top.  Inside, the tomato sauce is made up of the habanero chili pepper, a red devil hot sauce. Hotter than hell! Nice marketing Gene. The wrapper of each steamed meat bun has an individual member of KISS’ logo printed on it. No doubt these items will upped on eBay soon to be readily konsumed by the KISS kollector who has to have it all.  Check out more info about the KISS steamed meat buns here. Persoanlly, I’d rather sit down to a plate of rocknrolls, an Australian mini pizza that the great Spinal Tap were promoting back in 93.

3 thoughts on “Rockbrat News Flash: KISS Steamed Meat Buns Released For Japanese Tour

  1. Hey Cowboy Col. and Mr. Rockbrat.
    You know if it’s an article about Kiss, the Ol’ Bikerman is definitely going to put in his two cents worth. Two cent’s is just about what those “Kiss Steamed Meat Buns” would be worth to me. Hey the dog’s got to eat too right…LOL!! Just when we think that Kiss couldn’t possibly stoop any lower, we are once again proven to be so very wrong. Kiss is a band that could have went down in history as one of the best. However Gene and Paul have no shame and have worked tirelessly to destroy their credibility, dignity and self respect. They will forever be remembered, as just a bunch of greedy clowns. The really sad thing about Gene and Paul, is the fact that they actually think they are oh so cool. If they only realized just how pathetic they truly are. We haven’t even discussed the fact that Paul can’t sing anymore and Gene can’t remember the words to his own songs…but that’s another story. Well Cowboy Col. and Mr. Rockbrat, you have given us another brilliant article…many thanks. Until next time…KEEP ON ROCKIN’ BROTHERS!!!!
    Aka: Bikerman

    1. Bikerman: Paul cannot sing anymore – and yes, $immons forgets lyrics to songs which he wrote and has sung countless times – it is pathetic. Have a look at some of the meet-and-greet things they do nowadays where kiss-droids yell out requests – when they say ‘we don’t know it’ – they ain’t kiddin ! As for this post about the Kiss steamed buns (actually known as nikuman 肉まん) nothing about Kiss surprises me anymore. I penned that lengthy post about why they should quit nearly two years back now – it just rolls on and on and on and on and on. 1977 was a loooooong time ago – $immons looks hideous – he is seldom seen without a baseball cap over his rug – Stanley is not growing old gracefully – which is sad, as (I have alluded to previously), he was a rock hero when I was a kid. The circus will go on as long as people will attend – I am nearly out of things to say about Kiss nowadays – most genuine rock fans gave up on em a long time back – and stopped buying the records years ago. I await the next chapter which much skepticism – it is nearly time for the ‘retirment of the current Kiss-replacement members/reality show’ – it will happen – the band will not die – send in the (new) klowns.

      1. Hey Rockbrat, Thank you so much, for sending a reply to my comments. Your reply’s are as interesting and insightful as your articles are. You really have a talent, for getting to the heart of the matter. I have seen those “Meet and Greet” fiasco’s…LOL!! How sad is it that some one would put down a month’s salary, to see those “Ass Clowns” backstage. I got to meet Ace Frehley for free and he even took the time to autograph all sorts of things for me. Ace also took photos with me. Ace was always my hero, even back in the day. Ace was the true rock star of Kiss. Ace and I also share a birthday…how cool is that. I also own some parts, to Ace’s Les Paul Jr. guitar. I think that Kiss will retire next year. I also know that you are right on target, about them finding replacements for themselves and I also agree with you about them putting on a reality show to do it. Personally I don’t believe that anyone would go see Kiss without Gene and Paul. The fans that they have now, thought that two original members were better than none. Tommy and Eric have developed some what of a fan base among the younger generation, but as you pointed out…they may be replaced as well. Should be quite a laugh, watching it all unfold. A parody of a parody of a parody…LOL!!!! Keep on rockin’ brothers. Until next time…

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