Rockbrat Introduces You To: Stevie Young and Starfighters

Whilst I’m in an AC/DC mood – and why wouldn’t you not be, I thought I’d delve a little deeper into the Young family tree and pen a few words about two relatives of the famous Young brothers – being nephew Stevie Young. This is particularly relevant to yesterday’s post on Alex Young, as Stevie is Alex’s son. During the 1988 U.S. tour for AC/DC’s album Blow Up Your Video, (which started on May 3, 1988)  Stevie famously filled in for Malcolm on rhythm guitar, while Malcolm was off addressing his issues with the bottle. Apparently, many fans were not even aware that Malcolm had been replaced, as Stevie bore a close physical resemblance to him. His first show with AC/DC was at Portland, Oregon on May 3, 1988, and he was essentially with the band from May to November 1988. Stevie grew up in the Scottish town of Hawick, and by the late 70s, was in his first bands, The Stabbers, Prowler and Tantrum – yet it is with The Starfighters that he his most well-known. The Starfighters made two albums, the self titled effort in 1981, and the second album ‘In Flight Movie’ that came out in 1983. Both were released on Jive Records. Starfighters also played several support shows on AC/DC’s Back in Black UK Tour in 1980. The band split in 1983 before reforming again in 1987 for another shot at the big time. After Stevie’s stint playing Malcolm,  he formed Little Big Horn, whose demo tape was produced by Malcolm Young. They soon broke up after a lack of success in signing a record deal, although not before they had recorded a session for Tommy Vance’s Friday Rock Show on BBC Radio 1. Stevie later formed Up Rising, again, with limited success. Anyway, several bootlegs exist from his time with AC/DC on that North American Tour, and it goes without saying that both Starfighters albums are essential AC/DC styled albums. I used to have an album by Sydney’s BB Steal (ex Boss) called ‘On The Edge’ that featured James Young on drums (he also later went on to be in The Poor – who in turn supported AC/DC in 96). Not sure if he was related to the famous Young clan though. Anyway here is the video for their tune ‘ Hot Shot’ (sorry – no videos of the band I can find)



5 thoughts on “Rockbrat Introduces You To: Stevie Young and Starfighters

  1. My most favourite British band (along with Waysted). Both albums were produced and engineered by Tony Platt. 2nd one is more melodic, band tried to please both Jive label (looking for commercial hit) and fans, but Jive first didn’t want to release the record and eventually dumped them. Fans weren’t satisfied either with more polished sound. But I think the 2nd one is as good as the first one – songs as Working Girl, Who Cares, Gallows Dancer or Run Away kick ass! Very underrated band.

    Both albums were remastered for CD and released along with all singles as bonus songs by High Vaultage label as part of their Rule Britannia series. The only song they omitted is the “secret last song” (not featured on the cover) from the In-Flight Movie album called Great White Telephone – hilarious one. I have recently had the privilege of meeting Mr Pat Hambly who played lead guitar in Starfighters and he mentioned to me, that they recorded it when band came back from pub one night.

    Great guy btw., shared some stories while I was getting a haircut – he runs a men’s hairdressers in Birmingham. If somebody was interested what he and Stevie Young are up to these days, check Blue Murda blues band on Reverbnation. There are some songs and videos uploaded to listen to/watch. One can see they are havin’ fun playing old blues numbers.

    As far as I know, no Starfighters videos were ever recorded.

    As for James Young. Several sites mention him as a nephew of Angus and Malcolm. The fact that he drummed on Flash and the Pan’s 1987 album Nights in France and The Poor opened for AC/DC on Ballbreaker tour supports this, too.

    1. Yeah.., James and brother John are both related…
      They grew up in Blacktown.
      James played with Steve Edmonds’ first band.. , when he was 16 or 17 yrs old…
      Malcolm came to one of their Gigs in circa 1985 , at the Seven Hills Inn…

  2. Merci mon ami pour cette redécouverte.
    J’ai eu entre les mains un vinyle des STARFiGHTERS quand j’avais 17 ans et j’en ai 58 aujourd’hui… BACK TO THE FUTUR!!!

  3. One correction, since Jesse Fink set the record straight in his great book “The Youngs: The Brothers Who Built AC/DC”:

    Stevie is a son of Steven Young (1933), who was the eldest of eight children.

    Plus, here is a video of two Little Big Horn’s songs “21st Century” and “I ain’t Superstitious”. As far as I know, neither is featured on “Skin Games” demo tape.

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