Rockbrat Introduces You To: MORTY BLACK (TNT)

OK, here’s one for the ladies. Its none other than Morty Black (real name Morten Harket, I mean Skaget) from Norwegian viking metal band TNT, who came to prominence with their ‘Seven Seas’ tune back in the mid-80s. TNT were signed to Atlantic Records – and whilst they didn’t  become house hold names ala Jon Bongiovi, they always found an attentive audience in Scandinavia. Anyway, back in 92 or 93, they released an album called ‘Realised Fantasies’, yet as evidenced by this photo on the inner sleeve, the fashion sense displayed by bass player is nothing sort of a garish nightmare. I’m hardly a fashion expert, but this spells fashion faux pas. With his tight black cycle shorts, open purple smock / shirt, native American style jewellery, thick silver belt – and the best looking mullet this side of Billy Ray – he simply oozes sex appeal – right girls?  I didn’t know that Morty had played  with the great Ken Hemsley (whom I am a fan of), and also played with (ahem) the shapely Mariah Carey (who cares about her voice right 🙂

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