Rockbrat Remembers: 25 Years of Girl Monstar-induced rock n roll !


Melbourne’s Girl Monstar first walked onto a stage at a club called ‘Heroes’ in Carlton, North Melbourne – 25 years ago. ‘Heroes’ – probably better well-known as ‘Hearts’ was a busy Nicolson Street live venue in the 70’s and 80’s – but today provides residential apartment living. Another iconic live venue bites the dust….wonder if the rock n roll ghosts keep the home-owners awake at night ? The Boys Next Day apparently played their final gig there – and, some years later – Girl Monstar would plug the amps in for the first time there too – endings and beginnings from a rock n roll haze. GM had me hooked very early in their career – and this band and their infectious brand of rock n roll have long been a part of my life. 25 years ! Was it Noel Gallagher who wrote ‘… it’s never gonna be the same, coz the years are falling by like the rain’ – never a truer word spoken my friends. Looking back, music fans of my generation were spoilt for live rock n roll back in the 70’s and 80’s -and by gosh the talent pool here in  Australia was immense. Girl Monstar were a band who I would’ve’ seen around 50 or so times, probably more. Back then – when life was less complicated – I just wanted to rock – and let me tell you – Girl Monstar delivered. Apart from those who had their ear to the ground – their name may be unfamiliar to many. But make no mistake – their legacy looms large. How rare is it to find a band where all four members can sing great, perform well and possess stage-prowess personalities as well ?! Bassplayer Damian Child was an essential ingredient to the band – stalking the stage at right with a BC Rich, gravel throat and charisma a-plenty. She would depart in 1991. Drummer Susie World was – and still is – a powerhouse behind the skins. Lindy Morrison often gets the wording when the press think ‘Australian female drummer’. I saw Sue drum enough times to know that she’d pummel Morrison in the department of percussion. No contest. Sherry Valier and Anne McCue did most of the writing and it was apparent to me and the Gig Lizard very early on – that both had star potential. No fluke that the now-Nashville-based McCue has gone on to forge a career in music and has a solid worldwide fan base. She’s got where she has on talent alone and when Lucinda Williams correctly labelled her ‘an amazing guitarist’ around ten years back now, some of us had long been aware of this. Do you own any Anne McCue albums ? Man, you should – she is building an impressive back-catalogue which is worth exploring. Sherry also has produced an amazing body of work which stands her on par with any big-name writer to come out of Australia. Yep, her tunes are that good. I could write about Girl Monstar until the sun comes up, but instead – I will direct you to – it’s all there. 11th of November 1988 was the date folks – Carlton in North Melbourne the place – a place where some Australian rock n roll history began.

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