What’s The Rockbrat Reading Today ? DIRTY ROCKER BOYS – Bobbie Brown (2013)

Just recently I re-read Cherie Currie’s bio, ‘Neon Angel’ and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was about to start reading Dee Snider’s ebook, when the cover of Bobbie Brown’s new kiss ‘n’ tell book caught my eye, as it would most red blooded males. Who says you can’t judge a book by its cover? Not in this instance anyway. The book is stacked with gossip and scandal, stories of sex, drugs and rock n roll – Hollywood style. For anyone who has fond memories of the late 80’s Hollywood hair metal scene – you may enjoy Brown’s recollections from that period. She was a little late on the scene though – following the path set by Tawny Kitaen and then, to a lesser extent, Susie Hatton. In fact, if you recall Poison’s ‘Fallen Angel’ video clip, where Hatton arrives in LA on a Greyhound Bus (no clichés there), gets into modelling, drugs and the decadence of the time – it could have almost been scripted for the real life Brown. A small town Southern girl from Louisiana, a Miss Teen winner who thought she’d try her luck in Hollywood in 1989 as a model. She was certainly the MTV video vixen – appearing in videos for Hurricane, Great White and famously, Warrant’s ‘Cherrie Pie’ – THE video that everyone remembers from that period right? It certainly made an impact and pissed her then girlfriend, I mean boyfriend Matthew Nelson off considerably. It had immediate impact. She was the video vixen that all the girls wanted to be – and all the guys wanted to nail. I remember seeing Kings Of The Sun once back then, and this video was played on the TV screen immediately before they came on stage. Everyone was glued to the screen. Yet like the hair metal scene, the blonde bombshell with the silicon boobs was soon gonna fall a long way. Unlike grunge though, which basically killed off the Hollywood Aqua net glam scene, it was drugs and a series of poor relationship choices that caused her to crash n burn (I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a tremendously original Sunset Strip poseur band by that name so go google it). You could argue that the pages are overfilled with a certain sameness – stories that revert between sex, drugs, sex, drugs, lousy relationships, sex, and drugs – and it could be considered to be somewhat shallow – but I doubt she ever intended to be a literary giant that would have her book disected by a weekly book club meeting. Yet if it’s juicy stories about rockers you want – then it’s a worthy read. There’s stories about Jani Lane, (who struggled to accept that there was no place for him in the shifting music landscape and battled his own personal demons), and Tommy Lee, (IMO – one of the most obnoxious scumbags of all time – with WAY over stated relevance), her nemesis and also silicon enhanced Pamela Anderson, Rod Stewart, Dave Navarro and plenty of others. She talks about parties with Kevin Costner, constantly being wasted on blow, how she thought the effeminate Paul Stanley was gay, and dalliances with the supposedly endowed Leonardo Di Caprio. At times it’s funny, at times it’s pitiful. How some have a moment in the sun and are on top of the world – and within a few short years it all slips through their fingers (or up their nose). The astute ones recognise their time is fleeting and squirrel some $ away – others don’t. I do have some degree of pity for Jani Lane, and the way his life turned out. He comes across as quite a pathetic, naive figure in many ways ie: splitting song writing royalties with all band members, his ‘friends’ – even though he wrote all the material – He drowned his demons with alcohol. She doesnt declare the incident he had been hiding for many years that was one of the root causes for his alcoholism – probably due to litigation threats. For what it is – this is her life story, and in spite of whatever else she has achieved in her life – she will always, most famously, be remembered as the ‘Cherry Pie’ girl. 5 out of 10.

One thought on “What’s The Rockbrat Reading Today ? DIRTY ROCKER BOYS – Bobbie Brown (2013)

  1. Hey Rockbrat,
    When we think of the 50’s, Elvis Presley comes to mind. When we think of the 60’s, The Beatles come to mind. When we think of the 70’s, Kiss comes to mind (sort of )…LOL!! When we think of the 80’s, Bobbie Brown will always come to mind. I suppose we could even refer to her as an icon of sorts. That’s quite an accomplishment. I like the part where she “thinks” that Paul Stanley is gay…LOL!! I can’t imagine where she got that idea…LOL!! By the way, your comment on Tommy Lee is right on target. I was a temporary bodyguard for Alice Cooper way back in ’85, so I know first hand how these guys loved to gossip. Sex, drugs, rock and roll…and gossip!!…LOL!! Thanks again for another great article. Keep on rockin’ brother and Happy Holiday’s.
    David aka Bikerman

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