Rockbrat’s YouTube Hit Pick: Juliette Valduriez

ImageAs a self-confessed girl-band geek, I often scour YouTube to see who is out there making waves. It is often like trying to locate your lost white cat in a snow storm – there are so many videos of shitty guitar players who feel it necesary to upload bad sounding recordings of their horrendous offerings.Some time back I struck gold – discovering a 26 year old Parisian gal who plays the meanest rock-guitar since Miss Orianthi. Her name is Juliette Valduriez – not too much is known about her. Fact is that some of her home-made video clips have attracted hits of over one million views each and she has over 70’000 subscribers. She is not just a shredder – she plays with tons of feel and emotion which cannot be learnt – it is a gift. Her 15 recordings include covers of Ozzy, Stones, Hendrix, Motorhead, Floyd and a stunning take on the Beatles’ She’s So Heavy. Points for covering the Exploited and Stooges – which is an indication she is influenced by many styles of rock. Having attracted a lot of admirers in a short space of time, you think she’d be a star, right ? Not so. She has so far remained out of the spotlight (though I note that someone has created a fan-made site) and has not upped any new material in twelve months. Would be a waste of an amazing talent if Juliette has gotten hitched and hung up the axe – which is what some followers have speculated online. If you are a guitar geek or just dig rock – check her out – I am sure you will be impressed. Juliette Valduriez YouTube page


Update: Juliette was interviewed on the Australian Rock Show Podcast in May 2017.  The interview (without the songs) can also be heard on YouTube


12 thoughts on “Rockbrat’s YouTube Hit Pick: Juliette Valduriez

  1. Good find Rockbrat. Indeed she has talent and there are other female guitarists worthy of note. I like Jacqueline Mannering although she is developing more along the lines of a singer/guitarist as opposed to primarily a shredder. In checking out their videos it surely must be difficult for them to endure the onslaught of “hey baby – you are so hot” remarks that litter the comments section. And what about the “you are good for a girl” quips as evidenced by phrases like “nice job but you might want to start that minor arpeggio on the 8th fret and switch to the neck pickup. Keep up the good work”. As if the commenter has superior knowledge and would gladly become her “mentor”. But the worst type of comment is the “wow – you are good but you should really smile more often”. WTF !? These aren’t pleasure doll anime videos…. So while its very cool that these young women have an outlet to market their talent one should consider that people like Juliette might have left YouTube because of the legions of sexually frustrated guys who can’t stop the pickup chatter long enough to notice their abilities as a guitarist.

    1. You nailed it!! I thought the exact thing about her throwing in the towel on youtube because of the high testosterone being flung at her. She easily could be crowned rock guitar goddess. That’s my observation though. But, great comment glamazon! Wish more viewers were on board with this forum.

    2. I’ve heard about all of her covers ’cause I love “steady rock”, and I stood totally charmed by the simplicity with which she palys the great classics of the electric guitar. She has tons of talent… and her touch reminds me of Carlos Santana, Gilmour, Richie Blackmore, Hendrix and so on. I hope she will make at last a record with classic rock covers soon,,, she deserves it!

  2. She is unreal she is so good. Great article. I wish someone would find her and get her posting more 🙂

  3. So… it’s now in the beginning of 2016 and searching for this woman on line gives nada…?
    There are (as always) speculations of car crashes, death and other things.
    Giving that kind of talent and commitment we should have heard more from her by now, I’m starting to think there’s truth in the bad rumours.
    Last seen on FaceBook in June 2013.

    Any new information?

  4. It isn’t a cruel or bad rumor to think she had died. At this point it is the most practical theory. She was getting an immense amount of attention for her playing. Was about the record in a studio and form a band. Then nothing…. If it had to do with anything in life, she would have made some update. I got married, my hands were severely damaged. My guitar was stolen.

    her last post on Facebook, indicated where she was, then total silence. Living people rarely do that.

    1. I’m afraid, your assumptions might bear some truth. Her last update on facebook stated that she was about to pursue her own music. That would explain why she suddenly stopped doing covers, but it would not explain total silence.

      I’m fully aware that good things take time and creating your own album full of own compositions might take years, but still, some updates on facebook and maybe the odd short sample on youtube would have happened.

      She’s got a pretty solid fanbase on youtube with almost 100k subscribers, so if you plan to release your own music, logic dictates that you do communicate a bit with your potential fans and use social media to raise awareness of what you’re doing and what can be expected in the future.

      I still hope, she’s doing well and there is another reason for that silence, but I find it hard to figure out what else could have happened.

      A bit sad, because this girl is truly awesome.

  5. As you know the Mr Crowley video linked was blocked by YT a long time ago. I happen to have the video in a decent 360p quality (there still is a terrible distorted 240p version out there).

    As a Juliette fan I would like everyone to see this video (the missing 15th video), but it can’t be placed on youtube.

    I also fear that we won’t hear more from Juliette again. Time has passed, she is 29 by now, hopefully alive and well, but it seem less and less likely.

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