Rockbrat News Flash: New albums from Carolyne Mas, Dan Baird, & a new Glam Bone podcast

Welcome to 2014. Hopefully you all had a pleasant holiday season and are a ready for a rockin’ 2014. New Years Resolutions? Well apart from aiming to watch as many Randolph Scott and Audie Murphy westerns as possible(who would have thought Cowboy Col dug western movies?), Mr Rockbrat and I want to get the Australian Rock Show off and running this year, so stay tuned for that. There’s a couple of news albums and a new podcast out and about that I want to draw your attention to. Just prior to Christmas, the fabulous Glam Bone Podcast released a long awaited new episode. If you fondly remember the Sunset Strip hard rock / metal scene of the late 80s, this is the definitive podcast of that era – its well done, and has a tongue in cheek look at many of the bands from that time. The current episode features an interview with Jimmy Thrill, formerly of Rattlesnake Shake. Check out the new episode here. The great Dan Baird and his Homemade Sin have a new album out, called ‘Circus Life’ that was released last year – and its top shelf.  The way underrated Carolyne Mas also has a new album out and about, and its worthy of your attention. Mas has paid her dues many times over, and has had a tough financial run in recent years –  so the fact that she has managed to get an album’s worth of new material out is welcome news. Her name album ‘Across The River’ is superb. Some tunes are reflective and evocative, all highlight her brilliant vocal ability. As a vocalist, she is getting better with age. Some good covers on the album including Springsteen’s ‘New York Serenade’ and Steve Forbert’s, ‘Witch Blues’. Pick up a copy here. Also, the last episode of Rockbrat Radio featured a special on Carolyne Mas, and is a decent introduction to her if you ain’t heard of her. You can check that out here.

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