Rockbrat Remembers: Tough Luxury & Fetish

img175I cant recall If Ive written about Tough Luxury elsewhere in this blog. If I haven’t, I should have. For those into the Sydney metal scence of the early to mid 80s – Tough Luxury will be a familiar name. They released a very underrated album on the Possum Records label called  ‘Streetwise’ and a bunch of singles from it. Check out the video for ‘Without Warning’ from that album here. Anyways, by the late 80s, front man Stuart Cave had moved on and several of the other band members had moved on to a reworked version of the band called Fetish. I remember seeing them round the traps, along with bands like Gold Zeppelin, Rags n Riches, Kizum and the like. Anyway, Ive been digging through the Rockbrat scapbooks and came up with a couple of old Fetish articles that appeared in Sydney’s  On The Street magazine. (vocals)


One thought on “Rockbrat Remembers: Tough Luxury & Fetish

  1. Hi Col,

    Just to fill you in, the change to Fetish, came about when Dave Crompton joined the band, quite a change in style in someways. They could have gone a long way.

    Kind Regards Rob Sinclair Here To There Coaches 0425-278-540

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