Rockbrat Wonders: About The Secret Life Of Vinnie Vincent

In April this year, Rolling Stone Magazine wrote a very good article about the life of former KI$$ guitarist Vinnie Vincent entitled ‘The Long Kiss Goodbye – the Search For Vinnie Vincent.” Short of a book coming out on Vincent, this article is the next best thing and sure makes an interesting read. Aside from introducing to the band guitar solos with a million notes, (that were not in the least bit annoying), Vinnie was also the one to introduce wigs to KI$$, a tradition that is still maintained. All jokes aside though, his is a sad tale of self loathing, alcoholism and self destructive personalities if ever there was one. From ripping off KI$$ fans (accurately described as “somewhere between Deadheads and Trekkies on the obsessiveness scale”), to keeping dead dogs on ice, and even to the Hendrix topping act of  pissing on his own guitar, this is a story worth reading. I challenge you to sit through the Vinnie guitar solo from Quebec 1984 (above) for the entire 6 minutes. It’s about as tedious as driving in congested traffic. Better, read the entire article below.


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