Guess What Mr Rockbrat Found On eBay ? Glam Savages – 1986 Sydney Gig Poster

glam_savagesWhat: Glam Savages 1986 Sydney Gig Poster
Winning Bid: $30.50 AUS
Starting Bid: $8.95 AUS
Sale Date: 17 June 2014


…’Official Aussie screenprinted gig poster…with a pasted-on section with details of three Sydney gigs in Darlinghurst and Kings Cross (Sydney), on 29th and 30th July, and 1st August 1986…unusually with playing times quoted as well…

These guys included Mark Easton, ex of The Kelpies and Soggy Porridge, and rhythm guitarist Ron Barrett, plus bass player Nick Szentcuti (plus a couple of others), but these 3 went on to form the original Candy Harlots in mid-1987.’

 I love it when this kinda stuff pops up on eBay. As is correctly stated in the spiel, this band was a forerunner to the Candy Harlots – the loud, leather n’ sleaze outfit who had the Syndey underground in a spin back in the late 80s…and a band whom we followed all over Sydney. Cannot be certain but I ‘think’ some of the Candy’s tunes like ‘Vicious Love’ had their beginnings in Soggy Porridge and Glam Savages days – but the memory is hazy. Anyway, I love it when cool stuff like this surfaces every so often. Dig it ! Video footage of this band is pretty much non-existent, so I will add some Soggy Porridge and Candy Harlots instead. If you wanna know more about Mark Easton, check out the audio interview we did with him some time back.


One thought on “Guess What Mr Rockbrat Found On eBay ? Glam Savages – 1986 Sydney Gig Poster

  1. I was the original drummer of the Glam Savages. I think we started jamming in ’84: my first year in uni. I think I would have been still in it in ’86, when this poster was made (just). I remember this run of posters. We had them stuck up all over the place. Fun days. Thanks for bringing back the memories. The other band members during my time were Reuben Chapell, Nick Szentkuti, Ron Barrett and Danny Netheim (I might have spelt some of those names wrong).

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