Rockbrat Remembers: Joan Jett Downunder 1995

joan Jett Australia 1995Found this tour advert in an old magazine tonight (anyone remember the short-lived Rebel Razor ?) and I thought it was time to reminisce a little. Joanie had last toured Australia back in 1982, and although she remained productive, there was no big hit here to warrant a further tour downunder (ala I Love Rock n Roll and Crimson and Clover back in the day). So it was with some surprise that a tour – co-headlining with Divinyls, was announced for the winter of 1995. I cannot believe that this tour was nearly two decades back. Where the hell are the years going ? We have written a lot about Joan Jett over the years, so I will not repeat myself – just go grab a beer, put on your copy of Pure and Simple and get in the mood. Anyway, we saw a few shows on this tour, including one at Revesby – long time Rockbrat co-hort Giglizard reviewed the show for Vicious Kitten fanzine at the time, and stated that it was the nearest he’d been to a religious experience (the tour was dubbed ‘an evening mass’). and you know what ? Gig Lizard called it right, once again. 1995 was a weird time for rock n roll. I know, apart from underground rock – there was nothing of interest for me in the mainstream – apart from checking out the the dreamy Merril Bainbridge. Jett/Divinyls did some odd venues on this tour – Barooga (?), Manly Leagues Club in Brookvale, and St George’s Basin to name a few. Maybe the Sussex Inlet region was home to a horde of riot grrrls, who knows ? A couple of memories of this tour stand-out: Getting to meet Joan at the Coogee Bay Hotel post-gig was pretty special.This was not planned – I had spent the Blackheart set gulping brew and taking pix with my old Canon SLR, when a few minutes after their set, I spy Joan and minder (Kenny L I presume) saunter past and made a bee-line after her. Glad I did, cos the opportunity of meeting her again at other shows, here and in the USA, never materialised. I also got a whole bunch of Runaways stuff signed by her during this tour – they come with me to the grave. Another memory is of just how potent Joan and the Blackhearts were – night after night – leaving the Divinyls (whom I dig, big time) to come up short most gigs. Seeing Joan up close, belting out “I Wanna Be Your Dog” will also live with me – man it was good, and freakin’ loud too. I reckon – apart from the classic Blackheart line-up of Byrd, Ryan, Crystal – this is her most solid outfit. Guitarist Tony Bruno is tres cool, and gave the band great balance. Anyway, a great tour – from a true rock n roll original. you shoulda been there kids.





One thought on “Rockbrat Remembers: Joan Jett Downunder 1995

  1. Ahh man i remember this i saw them both here in marsden qld, they were both good but i did prefer Joan Jett even to this day i can’t and don’t understand why JJ opened for the Divinyls.

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