Rockbrat Remembers: Jimi Jamison 1951 – 2014

I have a bit of a soft spot for the US outfit Cobra, and there albums (particularly First Strike) are excellent slices of commercial heavy rock. Some years back, whilst rifling through one of those great Japanese ‘heavy metal album covers’ books, I was checking out Cobra, and got into the Cobra albums. Front man Jimi Jamison rose to prominence though post Cobra, in Survivor, joining in 84, a couple of years after their massive hit’ Eye Of The Eye Tiger’.  Jamison’s voice is strong and distinctive, well suited to commercial hard rock. His most recent solo album is excellent. Sadly, Jamison passed away a few days ago, 31 August, aged 63 from a massive heart attack. A couple of weeks back I was only listening to an old interview Jamison did with Ron Keel. Two weeks later he’s gone. If you are not familiar with the man or his music, I suggest you go to Ron Keel’s excellent radio show and listen to this week’s episode, which pays tribute to the late great Jimi Jamison.  


One thought on “Rockbrat Remembers: Jimi Jamison 1951 – 2014

  1. Sorry to hear of his passing. Prior to Cobra he was in a band called Target out of Memphis Tennessee which had some regional success opening for the likes of Ted Nugent and Black Sabbath. Target was pretty good but it wound up being part of a progression with Mmst people knowing him from the Survivor era which is understandable since that was where he experienced most of his popularity.

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