What’s The Rockbrat Listening To Today? – Ron Keel: ‘Metal Cowboy’ and Dave Edmunds – ‘Again’.

Just checking in to let you know about a couple of albums that may have slipped unto your radar and are well worthy of your attention. The first is the ‘Metal Cowboy’ album by Ron Keel. Hands down, this is my favourite album of the year. Soaked in southern rockisms, this is outlaw country with heavy rock leanings and many memorable tunes. Ron Keel has found a niche for himself in this field, and in a word, this smokes. ‘Metal Cowboy’ features Frankie from Tesla on guitar, and Paul Shortino of Rough Cutt on a duet. Heavy on the slide guitar, with lotsa down ‘n’ dirty tunes that will stick in your head for days including ‘Wild Forever’, ‘What Would Skynyrd Do’ and ‘My Bad’. On a side note, you should also check out Ron Keel’s radio show. Like thousands of others I  tune in to his weekly radio show and it is one of the best podcasts out there. He spins the metal classics as well as the best of the up and coming hard rock / metal acts. And if you are yet to read it, I wholeheartedly recommend picking up a copy of Ron’s book, ‘Even Keel – Life On The Streets Of Rock n Roll’. I bought Keel’s classic album, ‘The Right To Rock’ back in 1986, followed by ‘Final Frontier’ and then ‘Keel’, so I know a thing or two about his music, yet in my opinion ‘Metal Cowboy’ is far and away the best thing he has ever done. Go to RonKeel.com and check it all out. Along with Ian Hunter, Dave Edmunds is the other artist I regret to say I have not seen live yet would dearly love to.  I LOVE Dave Edmunds. I love his stuff with Rockpile. I love ‘Get It’. Who doesn’t love ‘Repeat When Necessary’? ‘After suffering poor health in recent years and moving into semi-retirement and keeping a low profile, Edmunds surprised all the pundits with the quality of his new album, ‘Again’.  What’s more, this is his first album of newly recorded material for two decades. ‘Again’ contains new and self-penned tracks, and some rarely heard Edmunds’ recordings, together presenting a personal collection which is truly consistent. Five brand new tracks, including ‘People Wanna Get High’ and the title track ‘Again’. Two covers ‘Georgia On My Mind’ and ‘Your Song’ which Edmunds lays down in his own fashion,  boasting his Beach Boys harmonies and his Jerry Reed style picking. The best thing I can say about this album is that it sounds like a ‘classic’ Edmunds album from the late 70s, and you could stack it up against any of em, with ‘Chutes and Ladders’, and ‘I Got The Will’ both being personal faves. The Welsh Wizard is back – to show all the youngun’s just how it’s done. There’s life in the old dog yet!

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