Rockbrat Wonders: Juliette Valduriez – Where Are You ? (Où êtes-vous ?)

jvalduriezWe live and breath rock n roll. We know good music when we hear it – and like so many others, are major fans of YouTube guitar-star…Juliette Valduriez.
Consider this: in the space of two short years, Juliette has uploaded fifteen home-made videos. Blazing takes on rock monsters like ‘Bark At The Moon’, ‘Voodoo Chile’, ‘Gimme Shelter’, ‘Comfortably Numb’ among others. In these few, short video clips – this amazingly gifted musician has managed to shred her way into the rock n roll hearts of many – currently 78’000 YouTube subscribers, with over 10 million views in total !

Seemingly out of nowhere – Juliette has managed to etch her Melody Maker- Les Paul-sound over songs we all knew so well – playing with a natural flair, feel and emotion which is breathtaking. Don’t believe me ? Check out her original composition ‘Lost Paradise’ with your ears only – I mean, close your eyes and let the music do the talking via earphones – like in the old pre-video days – because THAT is how you can tell.  You can hear ‘it’ !

Then do the same thing with the Pink Floyd cover ‘Comfortably Numb’. Oh man, her playing gives me goose-bumps !

Yet it is now over two years – August of 2012 – since Juliette’s last video offering – a blazing, Rhoads-like take of Ozzy’s ‘Mr Crowley’ – and then, nothing. (Osbourne could do worse than ask Valduriez to be his touring axe-slinger – dontcha think folks ? Much in the same way that the super-talented Orianthi has energized the Alice Cooper line-up).

A blog post we wrote last year on Juliette gains a lot of traffic, so that has inspired us to attempt to chase down Juliette. A recent comment on her page says it
all “You are amazing. The world is waiting to hear more. It has been so long since your last post. Where are you?” (Ou etes-vous ?).

Although I took French in high school (je m’appelle rockbrat) – I don’t speak it, but recently tried via social media to gain an interview with Juliette nonetheless !
Am disappointed to say that we have heard nothing back. Sure hope she is okay.

Like countless other Juliette Valduriez fans – I really hope that she releases an album. Surely she has gained enough attention for a major or semi-major label to
offer her a deal ! It would be a shame to hear such amazing potential – on a few YouTube clips, never fully realized.

If we hear news from Juliette, Rockbrat subscribers will be the first to know….
Until then, I suggest you subscribe to her channel at JulietteVmusic, and like the rest of us – wait for news !


Update: Juliette was interviewed on the Australian Rock Show Podcast in May 2017.  The interview (without the songs) can also be heard on YouTube

17 thoughts on “Rockbrat Wonders: Juliette Valduriez – Where Are You ? (Où êtes-vous ?)

  1. Great article. I am a Rockbrat subscriber and checked her out after your post from some time back. It is odd that she has – after gaining a massive legion of fans online – has vanished. Hope you hear back from her….

  2. Please continue to pursue this girl. Yes, she has touched so many of us with her talent. I don’t know how else to say this except, please find her and let us know she is okay. She exploded on youtube and then left. But she forgot to turn off the amp. And we’re screaming with feedback…

    1. Juliette, S’il vous plaît venir en avant et dire au monde et vous les fans, vous êtes OK,. Il y a des rumeurs partout sur Internet, que vous étiez dans un accident de voiture. Nous avons besoin de savoir si vous êtes OK. Des milliers de supporters se soucient de vous et sont très inquiets au sujet de la rumeur. À tout le moins, même si vous avez été dans la clandestinité de quelque chose ou de travailler sur un projet majeur, les fans doivent savoir si vous êtes OK. Si quelqu’un d’autre est en train de lire ceci, un ami, un parent ou une connaissance de Juliette, s’il vous plaît venir en avant et nous dire aujourd’hui. Nous avons attendu plus de 3 ans. Ceci est très important, Je vous remercie.

  3. No matter how many times I view her videos I get intense ASMR (goosebumps/chills) all over my body. Its not just the fact she’s a hot Parisian female but also the emotion in her playing. Unlike Meytal Cohen, JV gives nothing away in facial expression. Instead, she gives it all through her fingers and its coming straight from the heart!

  4. Juliette became an accountant in Trieste. She’s happy, successful and flattered by the internet’s attention but does not wish to pursue guitar as a career. We can all respect that.

    1. Z: I attempted to message you via email about your post – alas, it bounced (sigh) – message me via the contact page on our blog if you have credible info on Juliette – oh and if Juliette reads this….if you’re ever interested – I would be keen to do a phone i/v with you should you wish to – for our podcast (could also be a good way for the world to find out what you’re up to)…peace – Mr Rockbrat

    1. Bought it (you can listen to the whole thing on BC without buying it). For a first album it is very good IMHO. Like any album, I have my favourites (basically everything after Diademe). That’s about 8 songs I think. So, good effort. I believe she will continue to mature and inspire. Her 4 years away have not been a wasted period. Check out the playing on Allegory

  5. Good review, thanks for pointing it out. Good luck with the interview request. I hope she gets back to you (though I know it has not historically been her style. If you do ever get one, do ask why all the “mystery”. Is it just not to distract from the music, incredible shyness, feeling awkward in english (speak in french then – it would motivate many of us to learn it!) or some other reason? BTW, in a recent YT post on Mar 27th she announced she is trying to put a tour together. Cheers.

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